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In this post: A farmhouse Christmas entry and landing. 

Happy Holidays! I’ll be sharing our farmhouse Christmas entry and landing. Truthfully, I say it’s a farmhouse, and as much as I’d love to actually live in a farmhouse, we don’t. But rather a nice, cozy home in the suburbs that just gets dressed up like a farmhouse!

My husband, Dean, and I originally started Home Made Lovely in 2010, to share renovation progress on a wee bungalow that was home to our family at the time. Now Home Made Lovely has morphed into sort of an online magazine – filled with recipes, DIY projects, how to decorate advice and more – for busy moms.


Our Farmhouse Christmas Entry and Landing

So, if you’re new here, let me give you a little back story. This house is definitely not our first. In fact, Dean and I have lived in several homes in our 20+ year marriage. We’ve lived in condos, apartment buildings, basement apartments, and townhouses. And this is the fourth house we’ve owned. Technically the bank still owns it, but we’re working on that! Anyway, as of this tour going live, we will have lived here for barely a year. But in that year, we’ve made a lot of changes and a lot of progress. If you want to see all that, you can read the whole story here.

Today, I want to share our farmhouse Christmas entryway and the little landing area at the bottom of our stairs, near the main floor powder room. (Tomorrow I will be sharing the rest of the main floor, including the living room, dining room and a bit of the kitchen, so be sure to come back again.)

The Entryway

One of the reasons I love this house is the entryway. It’s a bit of an odd shape, but its size is fabulous and there is a coat closet right next to it. And after living in a few homes in which one had to pass through the entryway to get to the stairway to the second floor, I really appreciate that this entry is separate and sunken. In other words, the dirt, salt and snow doesn’t travel outside of the entryway and you don’t have to walk through all that to get upstairs!


One of the first things we did after moving in here was change out the light fixture and paint the doors black in the entryway to ground the space and give it some drama. With each change in season, we simply swap out the bits and pieces of decor.


This year, we’ve included many of our older pieces, like the faux trees from various places, Ikea lanterns and JOY marquee letters we got from World Market a few years ago. But the table itself is actually a new build and the mirror and lamps are from Lowe’s this fall. The crate is the one we made here.


The rug is new, but should probably be a bit larger. The floor is such an odd shape, it’s hard to know what to put here for a rug.


The Happy Holidays art was from this project.


The Landing

This funny little landing is an interesting spot that I’ve honestly not decorated before. It’s one step up from the main level, with only a powder room in the space. Below you can see it from the living room angle, down our  main floor ‘hallway’.


When it came time to make room for the Christmas tree in the living room this year, we ended up with a domino effect of moving furniture. The faux fireplace mantel shifted from its home in the dining room to this landing area, as did the oversized clock.


The two signs that are propped under the mantel were found at Hobby Lobby, when we were in the U.S. in 2016. The Yonge St. sign was from West Elm a few years ago now.


I picked up the naughty and nice sign from the Target dollar spot, when Target was still in Canada. (R.I.P. Target Canada.)


The molding hasn’t been completed up the stairwell yet, but that didn’t deter me from having Dean hang some oversized framed art anyway! The art prints were free downloads from The Navage Patch, which I printed at Staples as engineer prints and framed in Michaels poster frames, which brought the total for each framed print to less than $40, including tax.


I picked up the lanterns at Michaels ages ago and really need to change the batteries. Oops!


And of course, the railing needed to be dressed up with a pretty faux garland and ribbons, as any railing does at this time of year. Initially, we only had the garland, with no bows, as you can see in the photos above. Eventually I circled back around to the railing to add them though.

Plus my dear friend Laura, from Laura Alexander Designs, made me these gorgeous log slice, hand-lettered ornaments to hang too! Aren’t they just perfect?!



Here you can see a peek into our recently made over farmhouse laundry room.


Overall, I believe that adding greenery and some pops of red during the Holidays helps to brighten a home and makes it feel festive despite any bad weather outside! Remember, we’ll be sharing the rest of our main floor tomorrow!

What’s your favorite style of Christmas decor this year? Do you change your color scheme each year or keep it the same?

P.S. If you like farmhouse-style decor, check out our Ultimate Guide to Farmhouse Style + Farmhouse Decor here.

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  1. Shannon, I love all the pops of black ~ never thought I’d say that. All your signs and sayings are wonderful additions to any Christmas decor. THe large framed typography on the staircase are so impressive ~ and meaningful.

  2. Love your entry way table and all the decor on it! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Shannon!

    1. Thank you. đŸ™‚ The molding was one of the first projects we did at this house! We love our Metrie trim!

    1. Oh wow. Unfortunately it is rather an old quilt. Not like antique old. But like 15 years old and I have no idea where I got it from! I’m so sorry!

  3. I love that faux fireplace! I think I need one at like that in my landing! Your hone is absolutely one of my favorites and you never disappoint!