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In this post: A nostalgic farmhouse-style Christmas in the suburbs.

Hello, my friends! Today is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s the day I finally get to share the rest of our home all decked out for Christmas with you. This Christmas, technically our second in this house, I decided to go with very traditional red and green, warm and cozy decor. Sort of our take on a nostalgic farmhouse style Christmas in the Canadian suburbs, if you will.


If you’re new here, my name is Shannon Acheson. My husband, Dean, and I started this blog in 2010 when we were renovating a tiny little war-era bungalow in Ajax, Ontario. We’ve since renovated and sold that house and another and are now making over a slightly larger home a little further east of the big city (Toronto). I tend to do the designing, writing and photographing of our projects. Dean is the one who makes our projects fly. He uses the power tools (I’m too clumsy). He puts up with my creative ups and downs (there are many). And he makes me laugh daily. Which is a really good thing, let me tell you! We’re happy that you stopped by our little corner of the world. (Man we need new photos!)

If you stopped by earlier in the week, you got to see a sneak peek of our Christmas dining room when I shared a holiday tablescape here on the blog. And yesterday, you probably saw the entryway and first floor landing area all decorated for the Holidays too. Today, I want to share the rest of the dining room, the living room and the kitchen with you. Hopefully it can inspire you in your own home decorating.

Our Nostalgic Farmhouse Style Christmas in the Canadian Suburbs

As I mentioned, I decided to go with traditional red and green warm and cozy decor this year for Christmas and call it a Nostalgic Farmhouse Style Christmas. Typically our home is filled with neutrals, but at this time of year – in the Canadian winter – I like to warm things up a bit. I used our base white and wood and black accented with dark red, plaids, checks and lots of warm, cozy textures.

The Dining Room

We shared a bit of the dining room decor in this post, but today I want to share the rest of the space. As you can see in the photo below, the dining room is directly off of the entryway, next to the stairs and the ‘hallway’ – a.k.a. that space between the pillars and the stairs.



As I’m sure you all experience too, making room for the Christmas tree often results in the furniture in our home playing musical chairs, so to speak. In our case, we had to move a large cabinet from the living room to the dining room to make room for the tree. Which then meant that the two industrial-style shelves that normally flank the dining room window needed to move over, as you can see above and below.


The shelves couldn’t go immediately side by side, due to the thermostat (our AWESOME new ecobee4 with built-in Alexa!).  So I had Dean put up two framed photos and our large arrow with a table underneath to fill the space.


Then we filled the shelves too. I kept some non-seasonal items like the large die box and our Chatbooks filled with photos from Facebook. But I also added several Christmasy pieces like snow globes, boxes, bottle brush trees and our Willow Tree Nativity set (<–affiliate link).



All of the table setting can be seen in this post – including sources for everything.


reindeer detail


Bits of the Kitchen

I wish I could say that I decked out the kitchen in Christmas splendor. But honestly, I just didn’t have it in me to clean it all – that room gets used all day everyday, y’all! – and then move everything around to fit Christmas decor. So it got a few little pieces, and that’s it. #reallife




Please forgive me, I just didn’t have it in me to decorate the kitchen any more than that!

The Living Room

The living room is probably one of my favorite rooms in this house. When we moved in, there was a lot of beige. And not the good neutral kind of beige. The yucky brown beige with absolutely zero character or texture. Until I painted the walls a nice white, called Eider White by Sherwin Williams, and the fireplace a deep, dark grey, called Peppercorn also by Sherwin Williams.


You can see my tips for decorating a fireplace mantel with a tv on it here. Oh and the tutorial for those neat little armchair tables is here.


Obviously the living room is where the Christmas tree ended up too, which resulted in all the other furniture shuffling that I mentioned.


We used almost all old ornaments that we’ve had for years. With the exception being three disc like ornaments (the skis and candy cane ones below being two of the three) that we picked up at the local garden center of all places! I did, of course, get new ribbon from Michaels to add to the color scheme.


I was also very happy to remember that we have a Christmas train to put under the tree which I totally forgot about last year!


Of course, no Christmas or winter decor would be complete without lots of blankets and pillows. Yes, they get tossed on the floor and piled every which way, but they are so pretty and so cozy that all the clean up is worth it.



I’d love to have a white sofa, but I talked about why white slipcovers don’t work for us. I do rather like our grey one, even though it will eventually end up in the family room for the kids.


Our coffee table got dressed up with a sheepskin from Ikea, our large cake stand, a boxwood wreath and a few goodies from H&M Home – the large box and the black candle holder.



And of course, the large reclaimed wood cabinet got a few little Christmas pretties of its own too.


And that’s a wrap on our nostalgic farmhouse style Christmas home tour!


Did you enjoy our Nostalgic Farmhouse Style Christmas in the Canadian Suburbs? Have you finished decorating your house yet?

P.S. If you like farmhouse-style decor, check out our Ultimate Guide to Farmhouse Style + Farmhouse Decor here.

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  1. Wow, it’s gorgeous Shannon! Love your table with the reindeer and your beautiful tree. Thanks for organizing such a great tour!
    Hugs, Jamie

    1. Thank you – although you can’t see it here, they’re actually falling apart from over use. And the dog. He seems to think they’re rope toys!

  2. I love it Shannon! Definitely crisp and classic and nostalgic! Gorgeous tour and thanks for organizing this series!! Merry Christmas to you and yours:)

  3. Shannon! Your home is phenomenal, so cozy! I LOVE that centerpiece on your dining table, he’s Christmas perfection! I also adore how all of your wreaths look in your windows, I have to try that! Thank you once again for organizing this and ALL you do for the #CDNblogsquad, you are an amazing mentor! xo

  4. Shannon this looks so warm and inviting. It’s great seeing the house done up this year since I think you had just moved around this time last year. I love all the pops of red!

  5. Shannon everything looks amazing -as always. It’s so cozy and Christmas-y feeling with all the pretty pops of red. Love the living room and I can imagine you guys spending lot of cozy nights by the fire in there. Beautifully done!

    1. Thank you, Dannyelle. We are sitting by the fire almost every night…and morning. Lol. It’s getting a lot of use!

  6. So very beautiful, comfy, all about being home. Thanks for sharing this. Love the red and green tree presence. Absolutely homey, and real.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your home with us! I love how you added bits of green throughout your home (even if it’s not all real!) I do have one question though- for the TV on top of the mantle, do the decorations there block the bottom portion of the TV? I know it’s a small thing, but I really want to see the entirety of my TV, and not have any of it blocked. Maybe if it were on a small stand or piece of wood 6 inches tall it would help?

    1. Truthfully, yes, the decor under the tv is driving us mad. Lol. Not because it’s blocking the TV screen, but because it’s blocking the sensor to change the volume, etc. It has always been our plan to make a little wood box to lift the TV higher by a few inches specifically so we could better decorate. We just didn’t have time to do it this year. But I imagine, now that we’ve lived with having to get up to adjust the volume or change the input, it will rise to the top of the list soon!