Confession Time: 5 Places I Rarely Clean in My Home

In this post: I have to confess, I don’t always clean the entire house. There are at least 5 places I rarely clean in my home. What about you?

I think the biggest lie ever would be that our house is always perfectly clean and tidy.

It is quite frequently tidy and the important parts are clean.

Not many people will see dirty laundry on the floor or tooth paste splatters on the bathroom mirror. (If you have, consider yourself one of my closest friends!)

5 places I rarely clean

But there are definitely places that I rarely clean. About five of them rather consistently actually!

5 Places I Rarely Clean


1. On top of the fridge

I stand at a rather short 5′ 1″ tall. Which means I cannot see the top of my fridge.

(It also means that I cannot reach a few of my kitchen cupboards. But that is another issue!)

Anyway, since I cannot see the top of my fridge and would have to stand on a stool or a chair to clean it, most of the time I just ignore it. I know. Probably not the best excuse but it’s totally true.

I sincerely apologize to all of my tall friends and family.


2. Under the fridge

Let me be clear. I sweep under the edges of the fridge. I just hardly ever pull the whole thing out and clean underneath it. Way too much work!

(Perhaps at this point you’re a little worried about eating at my house. I assure you that as long as you don’t plan to eat directly off the top of the fridge or scrounge for the blueberry that rolled under the fridge, you are quite safe. The rest of my kitchen is quite clean.)


3. Under the couches

I almost never clean under the couches. Especially the big sectional in the family room. That thing is huge and heavy (it has a pullout bed in it). So anything that happens to go under there, stays there for a long time.

I do sweep under the living room couches occasionally. But probably not thoroughly enough because when the sun shines in, I can see the dust bunnies having a little sunbathing party.


4. The blinds

Oh my. Those things are the bane of my existence. Seriously. They could probably stand to be cleaned every week. But who has time for that?

We have light wood-colored 2″ faux wood blinds in the living room and the same in WHITE in the kitchen and dining room.

They all seemed like a good idea at the time. And they do keep the sun and heat out in the middle of a steaming hot summer.

But they also show dust like nobody’s business!

So if you’re ever visiting, pretty please pretend you don’t notice!


5. The baseboards

I adore white baseboards. Really I do.

After living in this house for much of last year with cheap old wooden baseboards, I was thrilled to install big thick white ones on the main floor and in the basement family room last fall.

But big thick white baseboards show all that wonderful dust so much more than skinny little wooden ones.

For my dear friends who dust their baseboards once a week, please just look away.

Want to know where I do clean? Get my free downloadable spring cleaning checklist here!

So those are my non-cleaning confessions. What about your house? Are there zones that are always picked up and tidy? Similarly, are there spots that rarely get cleaned? 

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  1. I wish I could skip the baseboards! we have two dogs, so if I don’t vacuum them regularly we get giant tumbleweeds of pup fluff.

    1. Yes, very true. My sister has a big golden retriever who happens to be shedding right now with the summer heat. So I can picture the giant tumbleweeds of pup fluff!

    1. I too am vertically challenged, and if my tall friends have issues with the top of my fridge, I would gladly find a “clean” dust rag and tell them to knock there socks off. I agree with the areas you mentioned, but honestly I love a clean bathroom, but “hate” the cleaning of it and wish there were a simpler and more hygienic way to clean them…Love your blog.

  2. I have intentions of cleaning all these places when I finally move into my new house – however I will let you know how long those good intentions actually last. The only thing I will not be cleaning are the blinds, I always wanted some and when I moved into the house with the ex we had some left in the bedroom. The thing hated me as much as I hated it. I could never get it clean and it refused to raise or lower properly for me. It was one thing I was not sad to leave behind and I will never again have blinds like that in a house I own!!

  3. It’s always frustrating to spend time cleaning an area like that, and then when my husband gets home he doesn’t notice anything different.
    Today I noticed something spilled on the front of my kitchen cabinet. Rather than taking the hint to wipe them all down, I just wiped the spot and called it good.

  4. Ditto on most of those items , except I don’t have a sectional, which is a good thing. With 3 dogs and 2 cats it would be pretty furry under there. I try to tidy up daily and run the vacuum also.

    1. Oh I tidy frequently! I just let some stuff go. We don’t currently have any pets to clean up after, but I hear you on the fur!

  5. My list is very similar, though I’ve started to use the brush/upholstery attachment to clean my baseboards whenever I vacuum (the plan is to do that weekly, but… 🙂 ). Our baseboards are in serious need of patching and a fresh coat of paint, so they still look kind of dirty even after I clean them. That’s on the honey-do list for winter.
    Found you at LPP. Thanks for sharing!

  6. You have tickled me…..and the truth shall set us free, yay, I must admit it I am guilty. I have no shame, I toooo don’t clean these area’s very well either….saw you at FUNDAY MONDAY. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I am tall (5’8″) and I don’t clean those areas either! Your comment about the sunbathing dust bunnies just got away with me. I laughed and had to read it to hubby, and he laughed too. I agree with whomever said ‘keep the areas you touch clean’ as well as the surfaces you cook and eat on. Love your posts!

  8. I am so glad someone else doesn’t clean the same things I don’t clean, lol. I did sweep under my couches this past weekend but that’s ONLY because I moved them to paint the walls, lol