Did you guess this project was ours in Creating with the Stars?


Dean and I have thought about making a Barn Door for years! Literally! And oh my goodness, we LOVE it so much. Every once in awhile I’ll even catch Dean just staring at it for a few minutes.


We used wood from some pallets Dean had leftover at work. We were originally going to use reclaimed barn boards, but they were really expensive and far too rough to the touch for an often-used doorway. We also used the wheels from one of the kids broken scooters and pipe fittings for the handle.


Here’s how it looks in everyday life – not all anonymously styled for the contest…



With this project we move onto the final round of Creating with the Stars.

Top 3, baby!


What do you think of our barn door? Did you guess this was ours?

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  1. Love, love, love your barn door! Congrats on making it to the final 3! Can’t wait to see what you do next!! Also, loved your brick coffee wall. I’m waiting to see your tutorial to see if I can manage that in my house!! Love your style!

  2. Absolutely adore your blog. I love that your home is a modest size, warm and welcoming. I am totally rooting for you guys. Keep up the great work!

  3. So glad you made it to round 3! I voted for this also. I’ve picked yours every time without knowing it. I wish I was closer to meet you because our styles are a lot alike!

    Shannon ~ bohemianjunktion.com

  4. I adore that door and the room is fantastic. I’ll be that your total costs were barely anything at all. It’s amazing! Good for you 🙂

  5. Just read your tutorial over at EC2. Finally, barn door hardware that doesn’t require a bank loan. A couple of details puzzle me. I’m not sure how to attach the scooter wheels. Once they are attached, how do you keep them from rolling off the open end of the track? Is the handle on the backside in danger of rubbing against the wall or hitting the door frame?

    1. The scooter wheels are attached to the door with the long metal plates. The wheels are metal and the groove of the wheel keeps it on the track. In our case the handle on the backside will not rub on the wall because the wall to the side of the opening is smaller than the door – in other words part of the door is always in the doorway. That is also what stops the door from rolling off the track when closed – the handle on the back. But you could add a stop to the track.

  6. I love the deer pillows in this room! Where did you get them? I hope they are still around!
    Your home is beautiful and very livable. I am glad you are a finalist in Creating with the Stars.

    1. There is a tutorial for this project on the East Coast Creative blog – but it will be up on our blog next week too!!!

  7. Love love love. Where did you get the long metal strips that run down the length of the boards? I have wanted a barn door forever but they are so costly. Never thought about scooter wheels. Thanks and congrats!

  8. The door handle keeps the door from running off the tracks, but did you install any type of latch on the door for privacy if using between two bedrooms. Thanks

    1. You could. Ours is in the living room leading to a hallway/side entry though so no latch was needed.

  9. Hi Love this door. was wondering since you used pallet boards what type of stain did you use for the different colors

  10. Hello, I absolutely love love love your barn door!! My husband and I are converting our dinning room into a room for our boys. We have already gathered most of the materials but we are stuck on the scooter wheels!! I have already taken apart one of ours sons scooter wheels and its not going to work. I have also checked all of the local home building supply stores with no luck. My husband is currently at the flea market in hopes he may find scooter wheels there. Can you please be more specific on exactly what type of scooter wheels your husband used?? Feeling frustrated! Any information will be greatly appreciated.

  11. My nephew (lives in Co.) has an old house (circa 1905) in Pa. which we want to renovate. The kitchen is extremely tiny so no normal-opening doors will work. He wants to put a toilet under the stairs (measures 4′ x 32″) next to the kitchen and we want to put in a sliding barn door. We looked for the sliding hardware (not including the wood) and it is around $500.00. I don’t know what you spent, but I’ll bet I could do this entire project for a lot less. I wanted to thank you for blogging this project. I want to start finding these materials so we can do this sometime this year.
    This one of the best projects I’ve seen. Thanks again!!!

  12. Nice color, do you wipe off the gray wash a short time after its applied. Do you just let it dry.

  13. I’m loving the barn door project and want to do something similar between bedroom and bathroom. Can you show what the door looks like from the “back” side? Are there long verticals of metal on both sides? Thanks, great blog!

  14. Love your door! We loved it so much we built one for our house :). The door seems a bit flimsy. Is it holding up ok without any extra support on the back side? My hubby wanted me to ask before we hang it. Thanks so much!

  15. Wondering if the metal straps are the only thing securing the wood slats…. Also what did you use for a handle on the back side of the door?

    1. Hi Tammy. Yes, the metal straps are what holds the wood together. It was all very secure as they were attached with four screws/bolts for every board. And we used a handle identical to the one on the front for the back.

  16. I had my contractor duplicate the barn door you show on your site. I love them! I want to duplicate the door for my farmhouse and no longer have the contractor to do the work. I’m afraid to do it myself.
    Did you only use the minwax stain and the gray white wash to get the variations in color? I can send you the doors that I currently have but have no idea how to get a similar stain understanding that all wood is varied in color and texture.

    1. You would need to test the stain out to see how it would react to the doors you have. Unfortunately, even with pictures, there’s no way for me to know how your doors would react to stain. 🙂 And yes, layered colors of stain and washes give the variation in color and lovely layered look.