In this post: Love barn doors but not the price of expensive hardware? Then you will love our Sliding Barn Door Plans – they’re free and use easy to find materials!

This is the last day of tutorials in our Barn Door Week – and it’s a good one! Tomorrow we will share a round up of a few of our favorite DIY Barn Doors. 

sliding barn door plans

Dean and I really wanted to give you clear instructions for making your own barn door. We went back and forth between step by step instructions and a drawing. In the end we decided it would be best to provide old-school hand-drawn plans. Just click on the plan image below and you’ll be taken to a printable PDF. (Please remember this is for your own personal use and can’t be sold or otherwise modified or distributed.)



  • scooter wheels (with rubber removed) or pulley wheels (disassembled pulleys) qty=2
  • 1-1/4″ x  1/4″ x 86-1/8″ long steel flat bar qty=2
  • 1-1/2″ x 1/4″ x 84″ long steel flat bar qty=1
  • 3″ x 1/8″ x 84″ long steel flat bar qty=1
  • 1/2″ x 1/16″ x 2″ long steel tubing qty=7
  • 2″ x 6″ x 48″ long wood qty=15
  • fitting black iron floor flange 1″ qty=4
  • fitting black iron 90 degree elbow 1″ qty=4
  • black steel pipe nipple 1″ x close qty=4
  • black steel pipe nipple 1″ x 16″ long qty=2
  • 1/4″ x 1-1/2″ long plated lag bolts qty=60
  • 5/16″ x 3-1/2″ long plated lag bolts qty=7
  • #12 x 1-1/4″ long screws qty=16
  • 5/16″ x 2″ long – 18 thread plated hex bolts qty=2
  • 5/16″ – 18 thread plated hex nuts qty=2
  • 5/16″ plated flat washers qty=4
  • Minwax Dark Walnut stain
  • Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint
  • white or light grey paint
  • water
  • sandpaper

NOTE: Once you’ve drilled all the holes and before assembly, spray paint all of the metal flat bar, the wheels and the lag nuts and bolts with oil-rubbed bronze.  Let dry. Also, the long steel flat bar was purchased via Metal Supermarket. 

Barn Door Plans jpg

If you have any questions, give us a shout in the comments and we’ll try to walk you through them. 🙂

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