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Organize Anything in Just 5 Steps!

In this post: Did you know that you can organize ANYTHING in just 5 steps?! It’s true and it’s so easy!

It can seem overwhelming to organize your whole house. But every space can be organized in just 5 simple steps. 

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5 Steps to Organize Anything

Maybe you were ahead of the game and actually got organized before the holidays.

But then again maybe not.

In either case I’m going to share how you can organize anything – any space, big or small – in just five simple steps.


Step 1. Sort. Place like with like. Don’t try to be tidy with this. The mess actually has to get worse before it can get better. Really. Just create piles of similar things. If you’re cleaning a playroom for example, make little heaps of toy cars, dinosaurs, dolls, etc. If it’s the kitchen pantry, put all the crackers, cereal, soup, etc. in their own ‘piles’.

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Step 2. Edit and eliminate. After your things are sorted, decide what you want to keep and what you don’t. Get rid of anything that’s broken. Go ahead, toss it. You don’t need it. Donate to local and national non-profits at Value Village any items that are in good shape but that you haven’t used in a while.


Step 3. Assign a home for the items you are keeping. Once you have sorted and eliminated, you should have a pretty good idea of how much space you need for each grouping. Assign homes in cupboards, on shelves, etc. for these things. Put the things you use often within easy reach. Things that are used infrequently can go up higher or in a slightly less accessible place.

baskets as storage

Step 4. Shop. This step is my personal favorite. After your ‘keep items’ have a place, you can shop for pretty containers, baskets, labels or whatever you need to get and stay organized. But be sure to do it after the first three steps have been completed. You don’t truly know what you need until you have sorted, eliminated and assigned homes for your things.  Don’t forget to check places like the dollar store and craft store for some great storage solutions.

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Step 5. Maintain. Put things in their place. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes in each room to get everything back in its place everyday. You just have to do it.

So that’s it….5 Steps to Organize ANYTHING. Try it. You’ll love how great it feels to be organized and your friends and coworkers won’t believe you did it in only 5 steps!

Want to organize a kitchen? Check out this post for kitchen-specific organizing ideas!

Now What?

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Have you got a room or cupboard that needs organizing? What’s keeping you from tackling it?

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  1. Anne Coles says

    I have a wonderful space in my cellar that really needs organization. I create miracles down there but it’s so messy I hate to go there until I absolutely have to. I’m going to give it a go first thing in the morning. Thanx for the push! Anne Coles

  2. Gail says

    My elder son has come back home after his hospital downsized. He has not been able to find work yet so my sewing room is back to being his bedroom. I am having to use my Dining room as part of my sewing/craft room. I just cant seem to keep it tidy. I don’t want to purge, just in case he finds something and I am back to my normal spot. We all work different shifts all the time so we don’t use the DR too much. Just doesn’t look all that great when people come to visit. Help.

  3. Tracy says

    I think my problem was trying to “decorate” with little objects that end up making rooms look cluttered and unorganized. I have a gigantic mantel and large wall areas. I soon realized my house seemed cluttered because of all the little things grouped together to fill the large voids over the area. Once I got rid of them and upscaled to larger objects, it really made a huge difference.
    My ongoing problem is trying to scale down and get rid of excessive dishes/pans in the kitchen. Pots I only use for certain things take up excess room, yet I can’t bare to part with them….Help Ö

    • Shannon says

      Yes! That is the problem a LOT of people have – decorating with little things. If you don’t use something often it should be handed off to someone who will benefit from it, no?

  4. Gina says

    Just saw your blog about the 5 steps to organize and I want to thank you for the great ideas. For the last couple of months I have been trying to organize my apartment. Apt living is very limited especially in NY. Now in the new year I’m going to do it your way. Glad I follow you in Instagram.

  5. Deb says

    These are so, so good! We recently moved to a new place and tried to use these steps in the process. Moving makes the sorting step a lot easier and we probably would never have done it otherwise but it’s amazing the impact it makes in really inventorying the “needs” from the “but maybe I’ll use it someday”‘s.

  6. Karren Haller says

    I love your ideas for organizing, I started before Christmas to purge closets and draws and I have not even made a dent.

    Thanks for stopping by last week, I am featuring it this week on Oh My Heartsie Girls WW, stop by and link again!! #omhgww
    Happy New Year!!!

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