In this post: Clearing the clutter out of your home has numerous benefits when the job is done, but it’s not always much fun while you’re doing it. Here are nine creative ways to easily declutter your home that make decluttering simpler to do!

Hey there, momma. Can we talk about decluttering for a minute? I mean, you and I both know it’s something that really should be done. And the benefits of clearing the clutter are ah-mazing! But the process is sometimes, well, not so amazing. Since we’re all different I want to share 9 creative ways to easily declutter your home. Because we could all use a little more ease, right?

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Decluttering Tips

9 Creative Ways to Easily Declutter Your Home

Below are nine of my absolute favorite creative ways to declutter. Try one of two of them for yourself to see!

1. Work in super short bursts

Sometimes it’s good to plan a marathon decluttering session.

But often that can feel too overwhelming.

To counter that, just start with 5 minutes at a time. 

Really. Just set a timer for literally five minutes and get going.

Clear the clutter out of the junk drawer. Or sort one pile of papers. 

Then repeat. 

All those “5 minutes” will add up to 30 minutes, then 60 minutes and more before you know it! 

2. 1 thing per day

I am sure that you have more things in your house than you need. I have more stuff in my house than I need. It’s just life.

But when you can feel the clutter and you’re annoyed by your crowded spaces, something’s got to give.

Well, someone has got to give. YOU.

To declutter your home, choose to give one item away per day. Challenge yourself to do it for a week, or a month or a year!

Then just see how fast you clear out that clutter. 

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3. Garbage bags are your friend

In the process of decluttering trash bags are your friend.

They can be carried from room to room as you declutter.

They can transport your clutter to the goodwill or the dump.

To clear the clutter in your home a chunk at a time, walk around your house and fill a trash bag with things you no longer want or need. Focus on either trash or donation items per garbage bag. But fill a bag. Then get rid of it properly right away. 

4. Donate, donate, donate

How many items do you have in your closet that you are *hoping* to fit into again someday?

How many pieces do you have that you would never in a million years buy right now, today if they were in the store? But you’ve already spent the money on them, so you feel like you should keep them?

I know I am guilty of keeping things that I will never fit into again. That’s not me being pessimistic. I just know at forty-plus years old that my body is different than it used to be. And when it changes and things don’t fit, it’s not likely that even if I ate perfectly and exercised daily that it would ever be quite the same as it was when I was twenty. So, I can let go of the clothes that don’t fit and send them on their way to someone else who could use them and love them. 

The same goes for clothes that are old and out of style that you don’t love anymore. If you are holding onto clothes that you never wear, you don’t have to keep them just because you’ve already spent money on them. Let them go. 

Donate clothes you don’t wear, the clothes you don’t love. Get rid of the garments that are not serving you and your life. 

9 Creative Ways to Easily Declutter Your Home Right Now
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5. Or donate, toss, return

Another creative way to declutter your home is to take the “10-10-10 challenge”:

  • throw out 10 things
  • donate 10 things and
  • return 10 things to where they belong

I don’t honestly remember where I read this one, but it’s an easy way to quickly clear out the clutter. 

6. Pretend you’re visiting

Step into your home as a first-time visitor and take a look around. What do you see? What looks messy or out of place? Put it away, donate it or toss it!

7. Play photographer

We all love a good before and after, right? That’s why we all love HGTV so much.

Taking before and after photos is something I tell my Decorating Uncomplicated students to do so that they can see their progress. It helps them to stay motivated to finish and move onto the next room as they decorate one room at a time. 

Take before and after photos of your decluttered spaces and you’ll have real tangible, visual proof that your home is much more lovely when the clutter is cleared out and it can breathe. 

Do this for spaces large and small – everything from the junk drawer to the family room. It will keep you super motivated to continue when you feel overwhelmed. 

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8. Call a friend

If you really can’t seem to part with things or feel so burdened by the clutter that you can get started, ask a friend to help you declutter a room or two with you to get you going. 

If you have really awesome friends, they may even help you declutter the whole house!

9. Box it up

Just like garbage bags are great allies in the decluttering process, so are boxes, baskets, and totes.

Use the three-box method – one each for things you want to trash, donate and keep – and place at least one item from each room into each box.

Then as you collect more items and each box is full, put things away, toss them and donate them. 

More Decluttering Ideas:

So, what did you think? Do you have any other creative ways to declutter? What’s your favorite?