A non-seasonal look at our farmhouse style living room with a few new Refined Rustic decor pieces from Lowe’s.

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As we shared the other day, we are constantly decorating our home with the seasons. It’s our heart’s desire that decorating will encourage you and inspire you to decorate your own home. It can be tricky at times to decorate when it’s not a big Holiday or a particularly decorate-y season. How do you “fill the spaces” on walls and other surfaces?

We also mentioned that over the last few months, we’ve been collecting a handful of new Refined Rustic decor pieces from Lowe’s. Our plan was to style them and share the photos with you. To that end, we’ve deliberately spread them throughout the main floor, to show you, not just the pieces we like, but also some ideas of how to mix and match them with existing pieces.


Our farmhouse style living room with Refined Rustic decor pieces from Lowe’s

Adjusting our living room between seasons is the trickiest, mainly because this is where the Christmas tree goes and that takes up a lot of space. With it down, there is both empty wall space and vacant floor space to be contended with.


Rather than moving around more furniture to fill the space, we’ve opted to add some rustic pieces. The Ruler Wall Art fits in the narrow wall space behind the sectional. On the other side, which is larger, we hung a clock (there wasn’t one in this space) and leaned a couple of unique art pieces against the wall next to a wire basket filled with birch logs.


From Lowe’s: Ruler Wall Decor + Hobbitholeco Home Accent 2-Piece 26-in W x 34-in H Frameless Canvas Printed Canvas Print Wall Art + Wall Clock Other pieces: previously owned. Similar table lamps can be found at Lowe’s here.


We kept our existing pillows and throws, but you could of course choose some new ones if your space needs them.


(Those cords and such are totally real life, am I right?!)



What to look for

Obviously if your space is farmhouse style like ours, you need to look for pieces that are available in various neutrals. Lots of texture and slight variations in wood tone are great too. The Growth Chart ruler is just a bit darker than cabinet, which is darker than the clock. But the leaning art and the coffee table tie the wood tones together.

Another trick is to use balance, but not perfect symmetry. Like we did in our living room (above) with the Growth Chart Ruler opposite the Clock and leaning art combination to ‘fill’ the white spaces on either side of our couch and family photo grid. Of course the art could be hung, but in this space there is enough hanging on the walls. And by leaning the art against the wall it lends a casual, loft-like vibe to the farmhouse space.

And again, don’t be afraid to look for farmhouse style decor in stores, like Lowe’s, that are not traditionally decorating stores. You might be happily surprised by what you find!


P.S. If you like farmhouse style decor, check out our Ultimate Guide to Farmhouse Style + Farmhouse Decor here.

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  1. Loved this post! Shannon, where did you get the Ruler Wall Art piece? Everything looks so cozy, I just want to plop down and cozy up in those chairs and couches!!