In this space: A space needs to be as functional as it is beautiful. It’s because of this that we’re giving our dining room a makeover and sharing our dining room makeover plans with you!

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It seems that we’re always tackling multiple spaces at once around here, doesn’t it? Just the other day we told you that we’re going to be working on our Master Bedroom Makeover and shared our plans with you. Well, we’re also working on our farmhouse in the suburbs dining room makeover plans too!


Our style leans towards farmhouse style, with a touch of industrial style and just the smallest hint of traditional style (moldings and simple colors). We don’t live in a farmhouse, but rather a brick house in the suburbs. So, we often describe our style as Farmhouse Style in the Suburbs.

Our Current Dining Room

We’re the first to admit that our current dining room is lovely to look at. Sadly, it isn’t as functional as we’d like.

If a space doesn’t function well, no matter how pretty it may be, it’s not a well-designed space.

black chairs, wood table, white walls, hydrangeas

Our dining room is sort of long and skinny. It has a tray and coffered ceiling, which means at the edges of the room, the ceiling is quite a bit shorter than a standard ceiling. It’s a good size, but it’s an interesting space to work with.

We NEED to have more storage in the room for dishes, serving ware and table linens. Right now, those things are scattered all over the house, which is inconvenient.

One of our favorite things to do is to open our home to guests and have family over. But the current table and chairs makes that a bit difficult. We like the look of them, but they’re just not practical.

The chairs are cold and stiff (duh, they’re metal!), so sitting on them for long conversations after dinner or playing games at the table just isn’t comfortable. They’re great for a kitchen, but not for our dining room.

And of course, if you remember, we loved the table when we bought it and (even though we had to add a sealer to it) it has turned out to be a little difficult to use. We don’t keep the extensions on all the time because it’s just not practical to do that for our family of five. But we need them often enough that they get a lot of use. Unfortunately, the way they’re designed, combined with the lack of main floor storage space at our house, makes them rather awkward to constantly be putting on and taking off the table.

All of which adds up to a dining room in need of a makeover!

Dining Room Makeover Plans

The Dining Table

While truthfully, we’re sad to say goodbye to our old dining room table, we are very excited to bring in the new one we’ve chosen. It’s the Calistoga Dining Table from The Brick. It’s built from thick slabs of pine and finished in the most rich and beautiful dark charcoal stain. The Calistoga table is also ridiculously solid, making it easily able to handle all our family holiday meals. And best of all, the extensions are designed so that they’re easy to put on and take off and are easy to store as well. A table that’s pretty and functional, for the win!

The Chairs

Like we mentioned, metal chairs and long, lingering meals just don’t go well together. We’ve wanted to add comfortable, upholstered chairs to our dining room for a long time. Now that our kids are older, and Scotch Guard is such a wonderful invention, that’s possible.

We’ve chosen the Caroline Wing Chairs. We love the wingback design. And the dark legs add character and help it to coordinate with the table, without being matchy-matchy.

The Buffet and Hutches

We’ve used our industrial shelving in all sorts of places since we built them years ago. They were last used here in the dining room. Unfortunately, they were better strictly as displays rather than for storing things. Which is why we’ve chosen TWO of the Keswick Buffet and Hutch in Dovetail Grey from The Brick for this makeover.

Made of thick pine and finished in a beautiful worn grey color, the Keswick Buffet and Hutch is the perfect mix of storage and display spaces. The glass doors with brass handles are a beautiful option for storing dinnerware and serve ware so they don’t get dusty. And the built-in LED lighting will add a bit of ambiance to the room. The lower doors (also with brass handles) with shelving behind make for excellent closed storage for linens and other dining room things like candles and napkin rings. You know, those things that are currently stashed all over our house!

The Mood Board

One of the things that is helpful for visualizing a space is a mood board, or inspiration board. With a mood board, you can really see the space and the colors. You can tell if the furniture shapes will work well together or not. This is especially true if you like coordinating but not matchy-matchy furniture like we do! It’s a tool we use all the time when planning a room makeover.

dining room makeover plans moodboard

  1. Calistoga Dining Table from The Brick
  2. Caroline Wing Chairs
  3. Keswick Buffet and Hutch from the Brick
  4. Light Fixture
  5. Clock
  6. Curtains (watch for our own version of these coming soon!)

We are looking forward to getting started and sharing the progress with you!

What do you think of our dining room makeover plans?

P.S. If you like farmhouse style decor, check out our Ultimate Guide to Farmhouse Style + Farmhouse Decor here.

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    1. I hear ya! 💕 It’s not The Brick’s Keswick – although I really like that one too! Our old one was from Restoration Hardware. In the blog post, I explain why we’re changing tables! 😊