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In this post: It’s been ages since we updated our master bedroom, which we wanted to do on a budget. So, we got new earth-toned bedding and updated the decor with pieces we already had in the house. 

*This post was sponsored by MagicLinen. They graciously gifted us the linens for the project, so that we could see for ourselves how lovely they are. Please see here for our full disclosures.  

We haven’t touched any of the decor in our master bedroom since we updated it three years ago. But this week, as we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, we gave it a bit of an update. I’m calling it “phase one” of our cozy, earth-tone modern farmhouse master bedroom update.

Read on to find out what we changed, where we found everything, and what we’d still like to update. 

cozy earth-tone modern farmhouse master bedroom

Why update our bedroom now?

Isn’t it funny how often the master bedroom becomes the last room on our lists to update? I mean, no one else sees it, so why spend the money to make it look nicer? 

Personally, in the last year, I’ve craved a quiet space to retreat to from time to time. Sometimes that’s just to read my Bible in peace and quiet, or because my introverted self desperately needs a few moments A-L-O-N-E. 

(I am LOVING being with my family so much lately, but introverts need their space in order to function best. Ya know?)

We also hadn’t bought new sheets, save for the flannel ones for winter, for a long while. 

So, it was just time to make a few changes to our master bedroom. 

Eventually, we plan to replace the worn, slightly pink-toned laminate. But that’s gotta wait a wee bit longer. 

And I’d love to replace the worn area rug with something a little thicker and softer. But this one will do for now. 

I also plan to paint. The cream color in here was here when we moved in, but it’s not what I would choose. Truthfully I haven’t painted over it yet because it’s EVERYWHERE…the trim, lower half of the walls, baseboards, crown…and on the ceiling! There’s SO much to paint over, that I’ve been procrastinating. I really want the upper half of the walls to be a warm neutral white and the trim and lower half to be a nice mushroom sort of color. I can see it in my head, lol, but maybe I’m not explaining it well? Anyway…

Our Updated Cozy, Earth-Tone Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom is at the back of our house and gets northern light all day, which is on the cool side.

Plus, in the summer the light is reflected off of our backyard pool into our room. Which makes this space look and feel VERY COOL naturally.

Since we like warmer colors in our home, to counteract the coolness, we painted the room (a few years back) in Sherwin Williams Analytical Grey and decided on warm, cozy, earth-tone colors for the space. 

To learn more about colors and how to choose them for your home, check out our mini-course, Your Whole Home Color Formula.

For this most recent update, we changed the bedding and freshened the nightstands with some decor that we had on hand. 

01. The Bedding

The first thing we changed on our cozy, earth-tone modern farmhouse master bedroom was to add new bedding to the bed. 

Since the bed is the focal point of a bedroom, swapping out bedding can really change how the space looks and feels pretty quickly, even if you change nothing else. (Of course, we didn’t stop there though.) 

We’d had the same light charcoal striped flannel sheet set, and Ikea duvet cover (on the spare duvet we keep for extra cold nights) on the bed since last fall (obviously it got washed many times over the winter). So it was time for something new. 

A small, family-owned business, MagicLinen reached out a couple of months ago asking us if we’d like to try and share their pure linen textiles and bedding. And while we don’t work with sponsors very often anymore (sponsored posts used to make up the bulk of our blog income a few years ago), we decided to see what they had to offer. And thankfully, they didn’t disappoint!

When I visited their site and looked at their bedding, I especially LOVED that they had the warm, earthy tones we’ve been implementing in our house lately. Colors like clay, cinnamon, tan, moss yellow, and olive green. 

I also loved that there were subtle pattern options to pair with the solids I love me some beautiful mix and match bedding! I really liked the grid linen sheet set! 

The bedding we kept:

  • Ruffled linen king size pillow covers (from here)
  • Pintuck king size duvet cover on the main duvet (from here)
  • Striped lumbar throw pillow (from Michaels a couple of years ago)

The bedding we added/replaced:

I would have loved to have added the bed skirt too, but the style of our bed (slats holding the box springs) doesn’t easily allow for a skirt. 

Since linen tends to shed a lot, we washed and dried our new sheets and bedding three times before we put it all on the bed. We made sure to empty the dryer vent each time, as it was always full! All that washing has the added benefit of softening the linen significantly too. 

Something else to note is that we’ve bought “deep pocket” sheets before, but were often disappointed that they didn’t actually fit our super deep king bed. But Dean and I were both VERY pleased with just how deep the MagicLinen deep pocket sheets were! They actually covered the ENTIRE mattress and were easy to tuck over each corner!

Aside from loving how the new bedding looks, after sleeping peacefully in the linen sheets, we are very happy with our choices and the quality of bedding from MagicLinen

(And yes, for you cynical folk, gifted sheets or not, we would definitely tell you if we weren’t happy!)

02. The Other Decor in our Cozy, Earth-Tone Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom

In addition to the new bedding, for this little update, we gathered decor we had in other places (or storage) in the house to style the nightstands.

We kept the lamps that we’ve had for years (originally from Home Depot, no longer available) and the cabinet nightstands (originally from The Brick). Eventually, I’d actually like to get more traditional nightstands, as I find these a little too tall and the doors make it awkward to access things from in bed. 

Most of the art was originally intended to go in the living room when we gave it a makeover recently. But when we went with one oversized piece, they were put in the furnace room. I knew I’d find a place for them later! 😉

Left nightstand art:

Right nightstand art:

The only thing I bought was a couple more books, which I’d been wanting to read anyway.

Books on nightstands:

Other Sources

Have you updated your master bedroom retreat lately? 

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  1. Love this! Just a side note on the bed skirt, not sure if it’d work in your situation. We we have a footboard on our bed as well and used the bed skirt with the top at the foot of the bed. Not sure if that makes sense? That way the showing skirting that is generally at the foot is now at the head and it still lays nicely.