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You beachy, white furniture lover, you! Your favorite style is all about the airy, relaxed feeling it gives you
when you walk in the door. White is your favorite color, and slipcovers are your best friend!


Cottage is somewhat like the styles of Vintage, Shabby Chic and Retro. But it is very casual and charming. Furniture is often adapted for other uses – like a bench becoming a coffee table. It also tends to be beachy, accented with sea shells and sand filled jars – but not so theme-y that your wallpaper is covered in lighthouses! Cottage style is airy and light and laid back. To love the Coastal Cottage style you can live anywhere – even the dessert. It’s more about the feeling and style than it is about the location.

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living room illustrating coastal/cottage style

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Key elements of
Coastal/Cottage Style Decor:

  • very casual and charming
  • furniture is repurposed
  • beachy and coastal elements
  • airy and light
  • monochromatic or shades of blue and green

Where to shop for
Coastal/Cottage Decor:

Other styles that play nicely with Coastal/Cottage Style:

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