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You macrame, plant lover, you! Your favorite style is all relaxed and unique, just like you. You like loads of texture and more neutral color schemes than traditional boho style. Vintage is your jam, baby!


Boho style decor embraces a carefree, relaxed and unusual aesthetic. Boho homes are full of life, culture and the world at large. No two boho homes are alike, much like no two eclectic homes are alike. Originally, boho color schemes emphasized an earthy palette, with deep browns, greys and greens for base colors and fiery or saturated colors like orange and purple as accents. Today, however much of boho decor is influenced by Scandi neutral and white colors. Boho is the opposite of minimalist and sleek, opting instead for layers and layers of texture, pattern and color. Boho Scandi furniture and decor accessories tend to be found in vintage and thrift stores. However, more and more it can be bought new too for those that like the look, but can’t necessarily find what they want second-hand.

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Key elements of
Boho/Scandi Style Decor:

  • lots of layers and texture
  • thrifted and vintage pieces mixed in
  • lots ‘mood’ lighting, including candles, floor lamps, table lamps etc.
  • opposite of minimalist
  • either tone on tone whites and neutrals or plenty of earthy colors mixed with jewel tones

Where to shop for
Boho/Scandi Decor:

Other styles that play nicely with Boho/Scandi Style:

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