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6 DIY Barn Door Favorites

Barn doors are so popular right now for bathrooms and bedrooms and more. DIY Barn Doors makes them an affordable decor element. Here are six of our favorites.

We’ve shown you step-by-step how to make a barn door just like ours – in a way that won’t break the bank – including how to get a grey wash wood finish, put together a pipe fitting door handle and how to finish it all off with our sliding barn door building plans. But we also wanted to show you six of our favorite diy barn doors aside from our own.


6 barn door favorites

1. House Tweaking

I do believe this is the very first barn door that I fell in love with in blogland! It was made by none other than the fabulous Dana at House Tweaking. Painted a bright yellow paired against grey walls it is a striking color on an old look.

(The headboard in this room is to die for too!)


2. Design the Life You Want to Live – Lynne Knowlton

Oh my gosh! I so love the vintage door on sliding barn door hardware! Lynne Knowlton created another of my absolute favorites.

Click here to view/purchase the Wooden Wheels for DIY Sliding Barn Door Hardware that Lynne uses.


3. Baby Rabies

Jill and Scott have written a perfect step by step project for their barn door. Like awesome!


4. Life with Fingerprints

Kara and her husband came up with this gorgeous door and while they ordered the hardware, I think it’s still a GORGEOUS barn door inspiration.


5. Haus of Gerz

Another example of a great door with purchased hardware, Haus of Gerz made a barn door work in their home by installing a 2×6 header above the doorway.


What look is your favorite? Do you have anywhere in your house that you could possibly install your very own sliding barn door?


(P.S. If you’re not into DIY, here are some more gorgeous finished doors on etsy.)

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  1. Phillipa says

    Love barn doors. In the process of renovating to include one. Can’t wait! Question: architrave around doorway-yes/no?

  2. Greg says

    I want to replicate #5, but the link is not working appropriately. Is there an updated link for this door?

  3. Jennifer Hearn says

    I am renovating my basement and now have a wide open closet across the width of my rec room that I would like to have 3 x 38-40″ brand doors, but would need 2 tracks (2 doors on one, and one on the other) as there is no room outside of the opening to push the doors aside. How do you recommend a two-track system?

    Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated!


    • Shannon Acheson says

      So sorry! I missed the last couple of questions on this post! I would specifically look for a two track system to purchase as I’m not sure how to go about DIYing one.

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