Get Fixer Upper Style No Matter Where You Live


Hand’s up if you like Fixer Upper style?

Yup. So many people love the show and are drawn to Chip and Joanna.

It’s an easy style to implement and feels extra cozy and lived in.

But what if you don’t live in Waco, Texas and therefore have exactly zero chances of the dynamic duo coming to make over your house?

You create the look yourself.

Really. You can do it!

So how do you get fixer upper style no matter where you live?

1. Simplify

Mallory Vitrine Standard Bookcase in the dining room

Reduce the clutter. Clean out the closets. Use multi purpose pieces. Use one large piece instead of several smaller pieces. Do everything you can to simplify your home.

2. Plants

Wayfair Greenhouses

Plants breathe life into a space. Literally. They help clean the air and make indoor spaces much more livable.

3. Extend living space outside

pillar candle sticks on outdoor patio

This one is easy if you live in Waco, Texas but it’s a little bit trickier if you live in Canada like we do or even in the Northern States. You know. Because snow. But we do have several good months that can be enjoyed out doors. Clean off the patio. Hose down the cushions. Eat dinner outside. Add some indoor elements like candlesticks and comfy throws. Sit by an outdoor fire and just breathe. Make the most of the good weather.

4. Architectural salvage and industrial elements

Home Made Lovely neutral fall barn door corner

Also another easy one if you live in the south. Somehow it seems that the Canadian locals have figured out the value in what they have and architectural salvage and industrial elements are 1. harder to come by and 2. way more expensive than they are in Alabama and Texas. But good deals can still be found if you look.

5. Neutrals & Texture

$25 diy blanket ladder

There’s not a lot of explanation needed here. If you’ve been around here for any length of time at all you know how much I adore neutrals. Seriously. They’re so relaxing in a space – and are not at all boring if you use a lot of textures.

Can you think of any other major ways to get fixer upper style no matter where you live? Any other elements really say “fixer upper style” to you?


shannon sign off

home made lovely book on table with get it now text button

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  1. Great article Shannon. We Canadians certainly do feel a bit left out of the whole Fixer Upper phenomenon! Where would you recommend looking for architectural salvage? Recently, I went looking for some kind of tripod or anything really to make my own DIY floor lamp of sorts and couldn’t find anything on kijiji or ebay that wasn’t in the $100-$400 range!

  2. I loved this post! I’ll be sharing this on my Friday Favorites post tomorrow on the blog. Thanks, Shannon for the great tips. I love following your home on IG! It’s just gorgeous!

  3. I’m so glad you brought up point #4. When watching Fixer Upper it amazes me the amount of salvage/industrial items that are found and the amazing price. Perhaps Wisconsinites have known the value as well as those elements are either difficult or $$ to come by 🙂 Love your point of decluttering…it’s my mantra this year! Have a great day!