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In this post: Use these free printable labels for all your homemade cleaning products! Labels for all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner, disinfectant, dryer sheets, laundry soap & more!

I’m excited to finally be able to offer these free printable labels for all your homemade cleaning products! 

printable cleaner labels shown ready to be cut and on bottles with text overlay explaining

A while back, I designed the labels to go with my DIY homemade cleaners. The labels were part of a collaboration that finished a little while ago, which is why I am only just now making them available as a free download. 

Why Homemade Cleaning Products?

While I don’t always make my own cleaning products (often just due to time and schedules), I really like to have homemade cleaners on hand

The main reason for this is that by making my own I know exactly what’s in each one. And sometimes that means they’re a little more natural than store-bought. 

Why I like to use these labels

Making and using pretty labels for my homemade cleaners simply means that the bottles and containers are much nicer to look at than all the brightly colored, store-bought cleaners tend to be. 

And if you know me at all, you know I prefer neutrals to bright colors – even for cleaners and packaging! 

amber glass bottles and glass jars with printed cleaner labels on them

You could also use these labels with store-bought cleaners that you simply rebottle to make prettier! 

What containers do I use with my labels?

I prefer to use glass bottles and jars to hold my homemade cleaners:

For my homemade laundry soap recipe and my homemade dryer sheets, I like to use these Anchor Hocking jars with glass lids.

(The only drawback I’ve found to them is that if you place them directly on top of your laundry machines, the lids tend to vibrate and be a little noisy when the machines are running.)

glass jars with lids holding homemade laundry soap and wooden clothespins showing printable cleaner labels in use

For all my spray cleaners, I like to use these amber glass spray bottles

amber glass spray bottles with attached printed cleaner labels

How to Use These Free Printable Cleaning Labels

These 3″ x 3″ labels are really very simple to use. Here’s how…



1. Download the free printable labels by subscribing to our emails below.

image showing free printable cleaner labels ready to cut out

2. Print the 3″ x 3″ labels. (Yours will have four per sheet, the photos shown are from a previous collaboration when we used a special printer.)

printed cleaner labels laying on table ready to be cut out

3. Cut out each label with scissors. 

4. Apply to clean, dry bottles or jars. 

cleaner labels on wood table with spray bottle and glass jars showing labels in use

5. Fill bottles or jars with homemade (or store-bought) cleaners of choice. For spray bottles, using a funnel will help to avoid spills and messy bottles. 

Be careful not to mix these cleaners when you’re making your own homemade cleaners or pouring store-bought versions:

  • bleach and vinegar
  • ammonia and bleach
  • rubbing alcohol and bleach
  • hydrogen peroxide and vinegar

Mixing these chemicals creates more toxic and harmful chemicals that you should really avoid. 

Are the labels waterproof?

If you print these using an inkjet printer, you will need to be careful that the labels don’t get too wet or covered in cleaner, as the labels will smear.

For 100% waterproof labels, purchase waterproof labels and print using a laser printer.

Alternately, you could place clear sticker paper or packing tape cut to size on top of your label for increased water resistance. 

Homemade Cleaner Recipes

You can find all of our homemade cleaner recipes by clicking the links below:

amber glass bottle with printed label laying on wood table to show labels in use

Do you ever make your own homemade cleaning products? Do you think you’ll be downloading these free printable labels to use with them?