Here’s our warm farmhouse fall entryway tour filled with rustic, traditional colors and textures. 

At the time of writing this post, we’ve not quite lived in this house for a year. Actually this time last year, we were busy sorting, purging and packing up our old house. My fall decor barely even saw the light of day while we moved.

It is a bit of a strange feeling, decorating a new house for the first time. Have you ever experienced that? That newness that comes with a different home. The mild confusion as to where to put your previous home’s decor. The firsts for each space and season. In my experience, when you’ve lived somewhere for a few years, there’s a bit of a rhythm to decorating. Even if you change things up, you know your surfaces and spaces well.

But this year was a little different for me. As I pulled out my fall decor storage totes and brought home a few new goodies from Michaels, I found myself at a bit of a loss as to where to put things. Where should I create this vignette? How much colorful fall stuff should go where? And where should I put the white fall decor that I’ve loved for so long?

Thankfully seasonal decorating isn’t permanent. Pumpkins and wreaths can be moved. Signs and candles can be put in another room, or put away altogether if I start to feel like things are too cluttered. (I really like our white and black and wood everyday-simple decor.)

Warm Farmhouse Fall Entryway

For right now, for this moment, I’m enjoying having the bulk of the colorful, rustic fall decor on display in our farmhouse fall entryway. It adds a cheerful welcome to our home, but keeps the color somewhat corralled where it won’t wear me out, as color sometimes tends to do. 

From the traditionally fall wreaths on the outside of the double front doors…

hello and welcome


To the stacked pumpkins, chalkboard sign and cotton stems in the entryway landing. 

I even had a fall-colored scarf to hang on the hooks. It’s a scarf/wrap I wear often in the cooler weather, so having it hung in the open makes sense for frequent use, while it adds to the decor. 

farmhouse fall entryway black doors

Of course, my favorite of all the new things, is this ‘In Everything Give Thanks’ sign that I picked up from Michaels. (Update: I  have left it up for over a year now.) It’s a good sentiment that serves as a reminder to myself and the rest of the family to be thankful, even when things are difficult. (An appropriate reminder to have visible in the space right next to where the kids do their homeschooling.)

wreath on closet door

rustic fall entryway decor

I found this version of our entryway to be cozy and welcoming, filled with all sorts of rustic fall details. 

farmhouse style fall decor

faux berries, cotten stems, wood bowls, white pumpkins

white gourd, wood bowl, pinecones

farmhouse style fall centerpiece

fall pumpkin stack

(You can DIY your own rustic pumpkin stack using faux pumpkins from Micheals with this tutorial.)

white pumpkin on cake stand

farmhouse fall entryway

I don’t know that I’ll always use traditional fall colors in the fall…I have been known to only use neutrals like white and cream in the fall…but for now this is just lovely. 

Do you prefer white fall decor? Or do you enjoy the warmth of rustic fall oranges, browns and greens?

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