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Our House Then and Now

Emily over at Jones Design Company recently did a post about her house – what it looked like when they bought it eight years ago versus what it looks like now.

I totally thought it would be fun to do the same thing with our house, since we just passed the two year anniversary of our family living here.


Some of these pics you can see in our archives and our house tour page, but it’s just fun for me to reminisce about how far we’ve come in two years.

Just go with it, m’kay?


before entryway aka design



CHANGES MADE: laid new ceramic tile (although we’ll likely redo the grout again), painted everything (doors, walls), new baseboards and trim, new door hardware, new closet doors, added vertical wood paneling and hooks


living room may 2013 south view



CHANGES MADE: new laminate floors, new baseboards, lots of accessorizing, new coffee table, new to us couches, moved the industrial shelves in, new baseboards, new barn door (not shown), new curtains, added mantel ledge, new fireplace (not shown)


dining room before



CHANGES MADE: new laminate floors, new baseboards, faux board and batten, built the dining room table, refinished a new hutch, added new chairs, new curtains, painted the walls, new chandelier


Kitchen before


kitchen from side door

CHANGES MADE: new laminate floors, painted the kitchen cupboards, added the breakfast bar, open shelving, new countertops, new backsplash, new light over the sink, new chandelier


Family room progress


family room window wall

CHANGES MADE: painted walls and trim, new baseboards, new curtains (although I’ve just changed those again but I don’t have a photo)



rustic chic master bedroom

CHANGES MADE: painted walls, added stencil (it’s not wallpaper!), rustic headboard, new furniture

We’ve made changes in some of the other rooms too, but this sort of sums up a lot of hard work over two years. It feels really good to step back and view our accomplishments all at once!

What do you think? Have we made good progress?

For more photos of our house, click here.

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  1. Lori says

    Love you entire home and can’t believe how much you’ve done in 2 years! Giving me a lot of inspiration! I just painted a similar stenciled wall in my sister’s home office. This makes me want to do a wall in out bedroom next! Great stuff!!

  2. Peggy says

    This was wonderful! You deserve a big pat on the back and job well done. Your house is fabulous! The change is awesome, Shannon , and you and your husband should be very proud of your work.

    • Tom Jones says

      If you look at the “before” picture the hinges are on the right side of the door and in the “after” picture the hinges are on the left side of the door and you can see it opens differently. In the “after” photo the doors opens up and you would walk in with the closet to your left which makes you open the door wide in order to get around it. Maybe this is all in how the picture was edited but I don’t really see how that was possible.

    • faye says

      Haha – I at first thought that it was that way too – Shannan just has opened the door all the way. In the pic it looks (at first) like the door is just opened partially. In the pic you’re looking at the side of the door that faces the outside.

      Anyway, Shannan – love, love, love your style and house. (Mind if I steal a few ideas?) Also I’m crushing on your new hair!!! Makes me want to cut off my hair and go blond!!!

      P.S. you left our your bathroom! I remember there was a big change in there too – that, incidentally, I loved!

    • Shannon says

      I did leave off the bathroom – oops! And thanks for clearing up the door issue. I didn’t even see that – but then I live here and use that door all the time!

    • Stephanie Sockett says

      Hi Shannon. Your house is fabulous! But your hair cut and colour is dynamite you look smokin hot ! LOL ! Stephanie

  3. Kirsten Burnett says

    wow…. these transformation pic are very elegant. I love how you were able to take very standard looking rooms and modernize them with to my surprise a very rustic and classic look. the colour work in harmony together very well and i really love the efficient design choice of the storage in the kitchen having an open concept like that for plates and dished is very quick and easy but is never really used.. i love it because i can place my things and see how everything looks after….maybe its just my OCD…lol but very cool design choices

  4. faye says

    As I mentioned, love your home! Was just wondering where you got your deer pillows and your deer head in your living room! I’m in Ontario too but I have trouble finding some of those cool things. Thanks!

  5. says

    What a lovely home! I love seeing the changes over time. We just bought a new house and are in the process of updating. I love looking to others for inspiration. Your dinning room is gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing! I just painted my dinning room but nothing feels right, I think once I get a new chandelier it will all click. The current one does not go with anything I have.

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