Scroll down for our media kit and to see how we work with brands in the home decor, interior decorating and DIY niches.

At Home Made Lovely we recognize that companies need engaged audiences to share their brand with – while consumers want know how and why a brand’s product or service can help them.

We bring the two together – fabulous brands and engaged consumers – through beautiful photography and a conversational writing style that feels a lot like we’re just chatting with our readers over coffee.

Here are a few ways we work with brands to meet their goals and get their message “out there”:

  • step-by-step DIY project tutorials
  • real-life product photography
  • engaged social media sharing (wherever possible, based on algorithms 🤦🏼‍♀️😉)
  • styling rooms, tablescapes and other decorating ideas
  • brand ambassadorships
  • creative content series
  • new product design and development

Click here for examples of a few of our sponsored collaborations.

Media Kit

Everyone starts somewhere and bigger isn’t always better. But let’s face it – metrics and numbers tend to matter when there’s moolah involved!

You want to know we have the audience and reach you’re looking for.

We’ve been working with brands large and small for over 10 years. And in the young world of blogging, social media and online storytelling, that’s a long time.

We have built strong followings on our blog, social media outlets and through our email list – and they’re growing all the time.

Take a look.

(Click Media Kit image to download our Media Kit as a PDF.)


Did you catch that?

We’ve successfully worked with some of the best brands in our niche.

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We hope we’ve sparked some ideas or piqued your interest in working with us.

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