Sometimes you just need a few ideas to pull a space together. Like these fall table decorations that create a simple layered fall table. 

Can you feel it? That chill in the air when the sun goes down? It’s so refreshing after a long, hot summer. Of course, along with fall comes the urge to restyle some favorite spaces, like our dining room. 

fall table decorations

Fall Table Decorations 

With fall just around the corner, it was high-time to break out our fall decor tub last weekend. Woot! The Mister was super sweet and pulled it out of the shed for me so I could go through it and play make the switch to fall decor in our little bungalow.

I actually decorated the mantel in the living room first, as I often do. But since Kate’s link party for Fall Mantels is next week and Kevin & Layla’s Fall Table Decorating Ideas link party is this week, I decided to change up my decorating order. After last fall’s marathon decorating for the competition Crafting With the Stars and our home’s special appearance on Steven & Chris (on CBC), our dining room basics are pretty much finished.

The buffet and hutch are great for storage and for prettying up each season.

With just the tinsiest bit of rearranging and tidying, the desk (which houses our laptops most days as shown) converts easily to a sideboard for company. 

And our giant farmhouse table is one of my favourite things in the whole world.

Although it is quite the beast when it comes to setting it because it seats 10 comfortably and we often squeeze in an extra little person or two when family is here. Thus we need 10 to 12 of everything; chargers, cloth napkins, napkin rings, etc. And since the table has only been this size (it used to only seat 6) for less than a year, we’ve had to quickly stock up on sufficient chargers, napkins, napkin rings, etc. Which can be a pretty expensive proposition!

5 Ideas for A Simple Layered Fall Table

1. Chargers

When looking for new chargers to add more texture to the tablescape, I really wanted rattan or jute ones. But I just could not justify the price tag – at $10-20 EACH the total would have been $100-200 just for chargers. Um, no. Not for this girl. I then thought I could make some similar beachy looking versions with natural rope. But when hubby helped me determine the amount of rope I’d need, the price was even worse! (DIY isn’t always a better option).

Seeing that I was uber frustrated, Dean asked if I’d looked everywhere for what I wanted. Um, yes.







Kitchen Stuff Plus?


Uh. No.

Which is where I then went and found these fabulous wood grain chargers on sale for $2.39 each!

2. Napkin Rings

And imagine my delight when I scored the napkins rings I’d been eying on sale in-store at Chapters for $2.25 each instead of $4.95!

3. A DIY Table Runner

To round out my shopping finds, I created a new REVERSIBLE ruffled table runner from a cheap but durable canvas drop cloth and a sharpie. One side says Give Thanks and the other says Joy to the World. Nothing like a double duty DIY!

(To make the runner I simply outlined the words in very large scale and then filled in the downstrokes to create fake calligraphy a la Emily from Jones Design Company. )


4. Mix and Match Dinnerware

One of my favorite ways to create a layered table setting is to mix and match white dinnerware. In this case I used the dinner and side plates from our main set of dishes with a plain white luncheon plate in between. This creates subtle texture. 

5. Baby Boos

And of course, putting it all together with one of my fall favourites – baby boo mini white pumpkins resting atop the mix and match white dinnerware.



It’s not super fancy, but it works for our family . 🙂 

What do you think of our modern country fall dining room? Do you like the new chargers as much as I do? What about those baby boo white pumkins – aren’t they adorable?!

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  1. Your fall dining room looks beautiful!I love that reversible table runner! What a great price on the chargers. I have been collecting rattan ones for the past few years. I have about 10 now. I pick them up when I find them on clearance. I don’t care if they match. I host a fall party every year for about 30 people, so I have been adding to my “fall dining” ensemble for the past couple of years. It all adds up! Life to the full, Melissa

  2. Your space is sstunning. All the soft colors makes look so peaceful. Perfect table setting for the season.

  3. You can tell you put a lot of thought and detail into it. Looks warm and welcoming. I’d love to sit down at your table!

  4. I just ate this post up – found you thru Layla’s site! I grabbed an image and used it as part of my post today on white pumpkins. I linked back to your site so hopefully people will see ALL the wonderful work you do! I’m a new blogger and will keep you on my list of check-it-outs!

  5. how do you make this delightful table runner?!?! I would LOVE to make this and it would make a great gift for my mom and sister.
    Please share 🙂 Is your handwriting just that good??? If so, there is no hope for me. I have chicken scratch.

  6. I came across your blog through another blogger, and just love it! Did you ever post a tutorial for this reverseable table runner? I’ve been scrolling through your blog, taking in all it’s deliciousness, but never saw the table runner how to. PLEASE direct me the tutorial if you were able to post it. I signed up for your updates via e-mail as not to miss your creativeness

    1. Ugh! You know what I didn’t! Bad blogger! We moved in December and I totally forgot about it! Thank you for the reminder, I’ll try to get to it soon!

  7. commenting on this may seem strange two year later, but I came across this on Pinterest. I’m wondering where you got your dinnerware set? My husband and I have been looking for something exactly like this! Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!

    1. Some of the white dishes are from Sears and some are from Kitchen Stuff Plus. I tend to pick up white pieces that can all be used together!

    1. It’s freehand. I just wrote it in my hand-writing slowly and then added extra emphasis on all the down strokes.

    1. Honestly I made it about 7 years ago. It’s just a drop cloth and free hand faux calligraphy. I’ll see if I can recreate it sometime if possible.

  8. I love your fall dining table setting. Especially the 2 sided table runner. It is very creative. And the tips on the white curtains is also very good. I hope to add some curtains to a small study and those look perfect. Thank you for sharing all these decorating ideas.

  9. Ya know what? I can follow a pattern; I can sew, and I do it well. I remember attending a NCSPOD conference in CA several years ago whereat Bill drew a box on the chalkboard. He said, “Lori, here’s the box. We want you to think over here, outside the box.” I was gutted. I’m sitting here today with a roll of 18″x15′ of burlap, dried autumn leaves, two rustic white candle stands, a 6″ autumn mini wreath (berries, acorns),floating candles, boxwood greenery, evergreens, probably more, and I cannot think for the life of me what to do with them. I want an amazing Thanksgiving tablescape but absolutely don’t know how to get there. I so wish I were you.

    1. Hey there. You can do it! My biggest tip for tablescapes is to start with the base and work your way up. So the burlap is a great place to start. And then just keep adding things until you like it. You can move items or take items away too. Studying photos of tablescapes you like for the individual elements helps too!