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Make this fun and easy DIY Pennant Banner with pre-cut pennants and stick-on letters for Valentine’s Day, everyday or any occasion.

DIY pennant banners can be a fun way to add a little bit of whimsy to your seasonal or everyday decor. By using pre-cut pennants and stick-on letters, this easy craft just got a whole lot simpler! 

stick on pennant banner

Easy DIY Pennant Banner with Stick-On Letters

This pennant banner is super fun and simple to make. Plus you can change the look by getting different colored or shaped pennants. And you could even use different letters too! 



You can watch the video below, if you’d like, to follow along with the written directions. Or you can just skip to the video!

1. Decide what your pennant will say. Then remove the required number of pennants from the pre-cut package at the perforations. 

2. Optional: If your pennants don’t have pre-punched holes for hanging, add some. 

3. Peel your letters one at a time from the sticker sheet and attach one to each pennant. 

4. Decide how long your baker’s twine needs to be and cut to length. 

5. Feed the baker’s twine through the holes in your pennants and hang! Twist the twine end as needed to keep it from fraying as you feed it through the holes. 

Easy DIY Pennant Banner Video Tutorial


What do you think? Super easy, yes?

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