In this post: Have you ever looked at a gorgeous table setting and wondered how to get that look for your own table? This blog post takes a look at exactly how to create a layered fall table setting so you can set a beautiful table of your own this season.

How do you decorate for a fall – when you love the bold and beautiful colors outside, but you don’t really want to bring those same hues inside? The answer is actually fairly simple. You just use muted versions of those same colors and a lot of creamy whites!


Bringing little bits of fall into the house as decor for a nice hot meal with friends or family is one of the very best things about autumn. And I adore bright orange pumpkins, scarecrows and crisp bright fall leaves, but I’ve never been a fan of them in the house.


So when I was planning this pretty table as a place to share a meal with friends, I chose mainly shades of white and cream, with just a little peachy-orange for accents and a hint of green and brown to ground the arrangement. And as I always do, I mixed in masculine rustic elements like the twig wreath and antlers with some ruffled place mats and soft faux florals.


A variety of tall candle sticks and low mercury glass votives also played into creating a softer look to our rustic wood table. While the pastoral scene chargers, carved wood napkin rings and white cotton napkins lend an air of French farmhouse flair to the table.


There were a couple of small and simple DIY craft projects for this tablescape as well – the chalkboard-look tag place cards and the glitter-topped baby boo pumpkins.

For the chalkboard-look tag place cards:

  • buy black tags or paint some kraft paper tags with chalkboard paint
  • use either a white permanent marker or white chalkboard marker to hand-write each guests name
  • or if your handwriting isn’t awesome, try using stickers or a label maker to create the names

For the glitter-topped baby boo pumpkins:

  • purchase real or faux white baby boo pumpkins
  • either brush or pour a small amount of glitter and sequin glue into the flatter area around the stem
  • sprinkle with glitter of choice (I used a fine rose-gold glitter) and let dry
  • tap off excess before placing on the table


To get this layered fall table look:

  • Place a runner down the center of the table (this can be a purchased one or a diy stripe version like the one shown)
  • Add a fall wreath to the center of the table
  • Place a large faux pumpkin into the wreath
  • Add one more large faux pumpkin on either side of the wreath
  • Place an antler between the wreath and large pumpkin on each side
  • Arrange the candle sticks around those elements, working with the tallest closer to the center and adding shorter ones as you move outward towards the ends of the table.
  • Then add the mini baby boos and votives to fill in the spaces
  • Layer ruffled placemats and chargers at each place before setting the flatware and napkins

How to create a layered fall table setting so you can set a beautiful table of your own this season

how to create a layered fall table

Source list for Creamy White French Farmhouse and Industrial Thanksgiving Table

  • Table – Restoration Hardware
  • Chairs – Wayfair
  • Table runner – World Market (while we were visiting the U.S. this summer)
  • Wreaths, faux pumpkins, candle sticks, faux flowers, mason jars, frog lids, candles, votives, ruffled place mats, chargers all Michaels

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    1. Thank you, Mary Beth! It was fun to add a few crafty touches while still keeping the table grown up and elegant!

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I just love that table from Restoration Hardware and all the rustic/elegant decor – Well done!

  2. You have the Most Beautiful Wood Table I have ever seen, oh and the Tablescape is beautiful as well. I too tone down the orange color for inside the house. If I may ask, Where ever did you find that table? Maybe you have said in a different blog post and I missed it. I tend to do that sometimes, if so I apologize in advance. I have no idea how I have missed this beautiful table in past posts. The table reminds me of my great grandmothers, the carved large legs on each end. Hers was lost and no one in the family claimed to know what happened to it. As I child I was always asking for certain pieces of furniture and dishes as they held wonderful memories for me. I can see her table in my minds eye and visualize the blue checked dishcloth covering a plate of homemade biscuit. We would add some, fresh churned butter and homemade jam and my mouth waters and longs for those simpler times.
    Thank you for reminding me of those sweet, wonderful memories.
    Love you blog…
    Patricia (NC Coast)

    1. The table was actually a huge splurge for us and is from Restoration Hardware. I love your beautiful memories associated with your Grandmother’s table. I’m so sorry it was lost somewhere.

    1. Oh Sandra! It is not always so clean and tidy. But I have been told that I have much higher standards for my own home than I would for anyone else’s. I am here all day and really and truly can’t think straight when it’s a disaster, so it’s almost always fairly picked up. We do have a two year old Chipoo, named Jackson. He doesn’t shed too much (no more than the wool area rug-ha!), but even at that I vacuum the edges of the laminate (where all the hairs tend to gather) every other day or so with our battery powered Dyson. It only takes a few minutes, but it makes me so much happier.

    1. Oh how fun! I’m so glad it was helpful too. Sometimes I do these things just by playing around with them and don’t realize it may be helpful to give a run down for you!

  3. Super envious that you’re close to a Restoration Hardware!! I’m about 8 hrs from the nearest one in Vancouver, BC. ?
    Your table is gorgeous. I’m currently in love with the whole farmhouse look. 🙂

    1. Well our closest one is about an hour away and quite frankly I find the staff there pretty rude. So I don’t go often at all. Like once in years. But I do use their website. 🙂

  4. I am looking to update my 30 yr old foyer as well as looking for industrial shelvinf all things eclectic industrial I live in Miami Florida not so easy to find this type decorating

  5. Your home is beautiful! I love how we can “snoop” through your home without invading your privacy! Although we have different tastes, you have many things that I adore. I also am pleased how you respond to everyone’s comments. There are very few who take the time to acknowledge the comments others leave. Just wanted you to know that at least one person noticed your thoughtfulness. Please keep us posted, I love to “snoop”!

    1. LOL. I’m happy to tour you around. And I’d love to have lots of you over for tea IRL. 🙂 And thank you so much for your sweet words! I will reply to comments as long as I can possibly manage it.

  6. Shannon,
    Thank you for sharing your creativity – you inspire me to find simple and meaningful ways to decorate my home! I absolutely loved the ruffled placemats you used in this post but can’t seem to find anything like them. Can you share your source? Thanks!
    Warm regards,
    Ruth L

  7. Oh my gosh! Your table is exquisite! I could try a thousand times and never prepare a table so beautifully. The first thing that struck me was the, as you described it, “peachy-pink” glow to the table. The tone on tone color theme along with the tone on “almost” tone overall appearance of the table is so striking and inviting. I love the varied textures, glass, glitter, ceramic, linen and natural elements just sing! The only thing I would opt out of would be the antlers. I know they have become the decorating trend of the era, I have simply not been able to come around to them as home decor.
    If we all loved the very same things, what a boring, colorless life we would lead. Oh! The table, that divine, rich, chunky dining table; I’m speechless! Thank you for the share.