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home made lovely book

Home Made Lovely (the book)



Budget tight? Need a little home inspiration and some practical tips?

This gorgeous yet practical coffee table book will enable you to:

  • Bring peace to your home with a step-by-step house blessing.
  • Lift that weight off your shoulders and get the clutter out.
  • Easily decorate every room in your home in 3 simple steps.
  • Welcome others in - even if hospitality is not your strong suit - with handy hospitality hacks.

The Clutter Fix


Has clutter overrun your home and overwhelmed your brain?

This easily downloadable, convenient guide and workbook in one will:

  • Take you by the hand and walk you through decluttering every single nook and cranny of your home.
  • Keep you motivated with encouragement and mindset shifts to get past the mental blocks that are holding you back.
  • Show you exactly what rhythms and routines you need to implement so your house STAYS clutter-free!

Decorating Uncomplicated


Sick and tired of wasting time and money on decor that just doesn't work?

This course goes beyond free blog posts and Pinterest inspiration to help you:

  • Unearth the gorgeous decorating style that is uniquely you (plus how to pair that with your hubby's if his is different).
  • Finally, choose colors that WORK TOGETHER and look amazing in your home.
  • Come up with a perfectly placed furniture plan for each room (yes, even the difficult ones).
  • How to get the rooms looking finished, but not overdone.

Find Your Style Workbook


Not quite ready for the whole shebang that is Decorating Uncomplicated, but still want a little help with your style?

Dig into and uncover your unique decorating style in this simple workbook so you can:

  • Make decorating decisions with absolute confidence.
  • Know exactly what to buy and what not to buy
  • And turn your house into the beautiful home you’ve always dreamed it could be.

Your Whole Home Color Formula


Is color your nemesis? Do you find all the color choices confusing? Not sure how to combine them?

This everything-color course (taken straight outta Decorating Uncomplicated) will show you how to:

  • Choose colors you love and get cohesive flow with color in your home.
  • Create a whole home color palette.
  • Plan exactly how and where to use which colors in every room of your house so it looks pulled together instead of chaotic!

Virtual Home Consult


Got questions? Want another pair of eyeballs to take a look at that problem space?

With your choice of a 30 or 60-minute virtual design consultation, you can ask your design and decor questions while showing me your home in real-time.

(I can only fit in a few of these a month, so I encourage you to sign up when there's an open spot!)

The Complete Guide to Using Essential Oils in Your Home



Do you want to use essential oils in your home more, but feel like there's so much info out there? Want to know which oils are safe for babies and pets? Which grades to use? Blends that go well together?

Then, you'll love this 63-page PDF guide packed with everything you need to know to - without the overwhelm. 

The Kitchen Binder


The Kitchen Binder is a convenient and affordable package of printables, chock full of checklists, meal planners, and inventory pages to keep your whole kitchen totally organized and humming along smoothly.

Abundant Life Printable Planner


The Abundant Life printable planner is a printable planner bundle that does it all...scheduling, record keeping, goal setting, meal planning, and more. And because it's printable, you can print sheets, again and again, month after month, year after year. That's a LOT of bang for very little buck!

Done for You Art


Create beautiful art displays in your home and learn how to hang art in your home - either as single pieces or as a group. Plus, 9 done-for-you gallery wall templates, so you can just choose one and get started!

DIY Paint Finishes & Techniques


12 of our most popular furniture paint finishes and techniques all in one place. Includes photos, supply lists, and how to get the looks we feature on our blog Home Made Lovely all the time! 

Hello Beautiful Mug


Get a little lovin' encouragement from me with your morning cuppa! Or use it on your desk to hold pens and pencils. Or in your farmhouse bathroom for makeup brushes. Totally versatile little mug that packs a farmhouse-style punch!

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