You're a Glam Style Lover!

You glitz and glam girl, you! Your favorite style is all shiny baubles and chandeliers.
You have a flair for the dramatic and love your decor to reflect that part of your personality too.

So, what the heck is Glam style?

Glam decor is all about luxe and bling! You would happily put chandeliers in every room – yes, every room! Velvet, damask and even animal prints fit into this look. Glam art may look serious at first glance, but it has a bit of sassiness to it! Delicate details and a flair for the dramatic are also hallmarks of Glam style decor. Gold and other shiny finishes are often paired with pink or jewel tones. Another hint that you may like Glam decor? All your favorite movies are in black and white!!

Wait a sec! 
Does this sound like you?
If you’re like, “um, nope, no way” then check out the other styles here. The quiz is pretty accurate, but it’s not a mind reader. (That would just be creepy!)

I'm Shannon Acheson

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself.

I’m an interior designer, lover of organization, writer of lists and soon-to-be published author of a book, called Home Made Lovely, about the most important place on earth – home!

My obsession is teaching women like you how to make home their happy place.

Wanna know more about Glam Style?

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Key elements of
Glam Style Decor:

  • velvet
  • gold or other shiny metals
  • chandeliers
  • pink or jewel tones
  • sassy art

Where to shop for
Glam Decor:

Other styles that play nicely with Glam Style:

  • Boho
  • Industrial
  • Coastal/Cottage

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