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In this post: Using reclaimed 4″ x 4″s, these woodblock tea light holders are simple and easy to make! Plus they go with the rustic industrial farmhouse look!

These wood block tea light holders have been on my to do list forever. Okay not forever. But for a long time. Because it required a saw and a drill with a rather large hole saw – and this girl is too clumsy for such tools – I had to wait until Dean could do that part for me. You’re already way ahead of me if you can do it yourself!

Wood Block Tea Light Holders

DIY Wood Block Tea Light Holders

DIY wood block tea light candle holders


Cutting & Drilling Instructions – For Single Tea Light Holder

  1. Cut 4″ x 4″ wood to 4″ long. Repeat for as many tea light holders as you’d like to make. (We made four.)
  2. On one side of 4″ cube, mark the center point.
  3. Align hole saw on mark and drill 1 5/16″ hole to 1/2″ depth. This creates the space for the tea light.
  4. Sand any rough edges.

Instructions – For 5 Tea Light Holder

  1. Cut 4″ x 4″ wood to 24″ long.
  2. Choose a side for the tea lights. Starting at the left add a pencil mark in the center of the wood at 2.5 inches, 7.5 inches, 12 inches, 16.5 inches and 21.5 inches.
  3. Align hole saw on marks and drill 1 5/16″ holes to 1/2″ depth. This creates the space for the tea lights.
  4. Sand any rough edges.

Finishing Instructions

1. Using foam brush and stencil, apply a small amount of craft paint. Place stencils randomly to make it look like the wood is from pallets, etc. Let dry thoroughly.

stencil wood blocks

paint stencils on wood blocks

Let painted stencil dry

2. Using another foam brush, apply sun bleached stain to all surfaces of tea light holders. Let sit for a few minutes and wipe off excess with an old rag.

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to stain wood, check out this post.  

3. Using another foam brush, apply dark walnut stain to all surfaces of tea light holders. Let sit for a few minutes and wipe off excess with and old rag. Let dry completely.

stain wood block candle holders

let stain dry thoroughly

Now just place your tea lights in your new tea light holders and enjoy!

DIY wood block candles

Wood Block Candle Holders

Have you ever made candle blocks? Do you use the power tools at your house?

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  1. Love the candle holder boxes. I used to live in Toronto so seeing that name brought back happy memories.

  2. I love these and want to make some, but my hubby says the only hole saw he knows of goes all the way through the board to make the hole. If you only saw part way down how do you get the wood out that is filling the hole? We are experienced wood workers so I feel really dumb asking this. Lol. Thank you!!

    1. Oh dear! I need to update the post. Dean says he chiseled out the piece and then sanded the “divot” with a sanding end on his dremel.

    2. Ah…okay. We wondered. I stood in Menards and informed my husband it is a hole saw and he told me they don’t take out the wood in the middle. I said ” well, it was out on her blog”!! Lol. So he grabs another guy who was shopping and asked him. He agreed with hubby! Haha!!! Someone needs to invent that saw!! Thank you. 🙂

  3. I love how these look with the stenciled writing! My husband actually made me something almost the exact same, not having seen anything online just a surprise for me. I was so surprised to see something almost the same on your site! I will have to try adding some writing to mine!

  4. I have a question. I have been trying to make these are used the Rust-Oleum sunbleached stain that is on the link but it gave it a grey finish and when I put the dark walnut on top it just looked more grey than the finish on the blog. I love the finish you have so I am trying to figure it out. In your photo it looks like the sunbleached stain you used made the wood have a white look to it? Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Sun bleached does have a slightly grey color. The finish you get will also depend on the type of wood you’re using. If you want it more white, you could also try a mixture of white paint and water (whitewash).