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In this post: Over the last year or more we’ve tried a few options for buying meat, including both well- and lesser-known options. Here’s why we are happy with truLOCAL and why we’ll likely stick with them for the long haul. 

Long before things got weird in 2020, we were looking for somewhere other than the grocery store to get our meat. Somewhere that offered better than average taste, good prices, and reliability. ‘Cause this momma does not have time to continually compare and look at all the options. Plus, if I can get it delivered-I do it. It’s easier, more convenient, and I don’t have to wait in any long lines.

Here’s what we’ve tried, where we’ve landed, and why we are happy to be truLOCAL customers. 

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The Options We Tried

When the doo-doo hit the fan in 2020, meat was either scarce (with limits on amounts) or very pricey at the grocery store and Costco. And the line-ups were unbelievable to get in, so I didn’t really want to go anyway. (Thanks to Instacart, I’ve actually not been grocery shopping in-person since March 2020!)

Like I mentioned, we have tried and/or researched many options for buying our meat:

1. The Grocery Store

The grocery store (both the cheap go-to’s and the pricier markets) always left us feeling like either the quality wasn’t there or the price was astronomical. Especially to feed our family of five practically adults (the kids are 16, 18, and 20 as I write this). 

2. Costco

We also tried Costco, which was an okay option sometimes. But other times there just wasn’t the meat or cuts we wanted. 

3. Quarter or Half Cow/Pig, Etc.

Unfortunately, we’ve never been able to swing the cost of ordering a quarter or half cow. And we don’t eat pork (aside from the boys eating pork bacon on weekends), so ordering a quarter or half pig wasn’t an option. 

4. Independent Farms

While I love to support local, independent farms, the prices they have to charge make them out of our price range. Again, we’re feeding a family of five adults here. 

5. Nutrafarms

At the recommendation of friends, we tried NutraFarms in March of 2020. We’d circled around them for years. Hearing about them in passing and just never wanting to deal with a second freezer and a year’s worth of meat, or the cost of that, all at once.

But in 2020, the hassle of that seemed to be outweighed by the need to have a secure source of meat for our family. Plus, because of cov!d they were doing their consults over zoom, instead of having to come to the house. Which was honestly, the biggest reason I never wanted to order from them before. 

Well, it was still a hassle; we could only order packages or tiers, which meant I got stuff we didn’t want and we wouldn’t eat and we never knew the real cost of any of it. And while the steaks were the best-tasting ever, the tier that was supposed to last us a year, lasted only about half that long. 

Which is when we decided to try truLOCAL

truLOCAL with meat on counter

What We Love About truLOCAL

First of all, let me say that yes, I am a truLOCAL affiliate. Which in very plain English means that if you buy from them using one of the links in this post, I make a bit of money at NO extra cost to you. BUT, we were truLOCAL customers for over six months before I even knew there was a truLOCAL affiliate program. To say we genuinely love them is an understatement. 

I honestly don’t even remember how or where I found truLOCAL. But I know I was impressed when I did, and I ordered almost right away. 

Here’s what I love: 

  • I can CHOOSE the meat and cuts I want, which makes meal planning so much easier on me. 
  • The website is ridiculously easy to use. Like SO easy
  • The meat comes from local farms and supports local farms
  • Each order comes straight to my door when I choose, packed in dry ice.

I also l love that I can set my box contents and the delivery frequency (usually every two weeks) and forget it

Or, I can go in and change both the contents and the delivery date if I’d like. This is fun for say, Superbowl weekend when we wanted wings, but they weren’t part of our regular order. 

Normally, I leave everything as is for several deliveries because I’m using the same or similar meal plans for that long. Then when I switch those up, I adjust the box contents and leave it again for a while. 

truLOCAL also sends an email several days before your next box is due to ship as a reminder and in case you want to change anything. <—I think this is one of my favorite features! 


  1. If you want to stock up, just go in a couple of days after your most recent delivery and change the delivery date so that you get another delivery sooner. Repeat as needed until you’re fully stocked!  
  2. If you’re going to be away, or you find you have plenty of meat, just go in and push your delivery date forward. Easy-peasy. 

making quesadillas

The only complaint I have

To be one-hundred percent honest, I do have one complaint about truLOCAL and that is that the whole chickens are on the small side for our needs. 

Because I’m feeding five “adults” one whole chicken will do for one meal. But there aren’t any leftovers, which I rely on a lot for lunches or weekend meals. So, if anything, I’d like bigger chickens. Lol. 

Get FREE Chicken!

Okay, so here’s where it’s fun. If you use my code TRUHOMEMADELOVELY at truLOCAL when you buy either a Regular Box or a Small Box, you will:

  • Get 6 free chicken breasts in the first two orders of a Regular Box OR
  • Get 2 free chicken breasts in the first two orders of a Small Box

How fun is that?!

trulocal box on counter, making quesadillas on other counter

So where are you buying meat these days? Have you noticed that it’s been harder to find good cuts at decent prices?

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