In this post: Dean and I are finally giving our one bathroom a full makeover. We’ve already discussed our plans and shared a style board. In this post we’re talking about our plans for making over our tub and shower. 

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Our bathtub is white!

I repeat – our bathtub is white, our bathtub is white!

Hallelujah for white bathtubs!

A little over a month ago, we shared our bathroom makeover plans, and our ugly bathtub before photos with you.

Here’s the inspiration look we were going for:

Home Made Lovely Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover

And if you recall our bathtub looked like this:

bath faucet before

shower head before

bath faucet before 1

tub before

To put it into perspective, this was definitely a “first world problem”. I mean we have indoor fixtures, running water and I’ve definitely seen worse bathrooms. But our old bathtub certainly wouldn’t fall into the “cozy and beautiful” category that describes the rest of our house.

But now?

Now our white bathtub is inviting, clean, and crisp.


So how did we go from dingy green and stained to a clean and crisp white bath tub in just one day? The answer is Bath Fitter.


Maybe you remember Gary coming out to take precise measurements during our consultation? Bath Fitter Gary Measuring 2

Well our installer, Jamie, was just as nice and just as precise in his work.

After showing him the way to our bathroom, Jamie was careful to lay down several mats to protect our floors – all the way from our front door to the bathroom.

Mats on floor

Then he double checked measurements.

Jamie Measuring tub

And explained how he would remove a section of the wall to fit the new fixtures.

Jamie explaining plumbing

Jamie walked us through each step as he made progress.

 After a little wait he finally made some good-looking progress – adding the one piece, seamless subway tile-look surround!

Seamless Bath Surround

Bath Fitter one piece bath tub surround

The surround was made and cut to fit our space perfectly!

Surround cut to fit

Jamie installed the new fixtures…gorgeous oil-rubbed bronze fixtures… and handy-dandy shelving.

oil rubbed bronze bathroom hardware

And finally the gorgeous white bath tub!

bath tub install 1

bath tub install 2

bath tub install 3

Then Jamie did his thing and sealed it all up nice and water-tight everywhere.

Sealed seams

And in one day our bath tub went from green and dingy to clean and crisp white.

White Bath Tub after unstyled

White Bath Tub after unstyled 2

White Bath Tub after unstyled 3

So much better, don’t you think? White Bath Tub and Surround Oil Rubbed Bronze Hardware

Oil Rubbed Bronze Curved Shower Curtain Rod

ORB bath fixtures

White tub, oil rubbed bronze fixtures, farmhouse accents

White bath tub subway tile surround farmhouse accents

We are SO happy with the results and highly recommend Bath Fitter.

I’ll be back soon with the full bathroom reveal (with white shiplap and more!). In the meantime, if you want to have Bath Fitter chat with you about an installation in your house, click here or call 1-888-677-2936 to schedule a consultation.

Have you tackled a bathroom makeover on your own or had Bath Fitter come out and do it for you?

This post is sponsored by Bath Fitter but all opinions are my own, as always. Thank you.

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