How to Bible Journal

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Easy Bible Journaling Tips for Beginners to Start

What is Bible Journaling?

Bible journaling is also a way to combine your love of God with your creative talents. I personally began using a Bible Journal to take sermon notes a few years ago. It helps me to call out important phrases or points and also to include some of the history that our pastor teaches with each sermon.

How to Get Started With Bible Journaling

When you have all your supplies on hand (which we’ll get to in a second), it’s time to start considering your first piece of bible journal art. You’ll want to start small, practicing your different techniques to gain confidence. You may decide which route, to begin with, such as hand lettering, stenciling, or free-hand drawing.

Step-by-Step Bible Journaling for Beginners

1. Take the time to find a verse that you are familiar with. Maybe even pray about where to start. 2. Reread the verse multiple times and decide how you want to decorate the page. 3. Have fun, detailing your interpretation with a creative representation right in your bible! Swipe up for the full process!

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