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What is Color?

“In physics, color is essentially the way our eyes and brain perceive different wavelengths of light reflected off objects.” Color is one of two key ways that you can create beauty and cohesive flow in your home decor. (Finding your style is the other.)

What is the importance of color in Interior Design?

Put simply, the colors we use in our homes can affect how we feel and how we act. So it’s important to choose the colors we use wisely.  Swipe up for the list of 4 main color schemes!

What is a color scheme vs. a color palette?

color scheme is a general framework used to put your colors together. It’s based on the color wheel and color theory.  A color palette is the specific colors you choose for your home. It includes the names of your paint colors and specific fabrics, etc.

Swipe up for more about the best color schemes and how to make them work for your home!

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