Curb Appeal Series:

Shannon Acheson Home Made Lovely

Foundation Refacing


Supplies -

– putty knife/scraper/drill with wire brush attachment – broom – three foot level – 2x4s and random bits of wood for makeshift supports – Sassi 6″x24″ Ledgestone (colour of choice, enough for space) – construction adhesive – angle grinder with diamond blade – small bench and clamps – safety glasses and gloves – sealant (links in swipe up)


Remove Loose Paint

Very important to not remove all of the paint, just what's loose. Sweep away loose debris.


Line 2x4s

Use a level and line 2x4s along the ground. Prop them with other wood or stones.

Glue & Apply


Apply adhesive and affix Ledgestone one piece at a time.

Some tips:  -wear safety glasses while cutting Ledgestone -purchase corners for a more refined look


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