In this post: Make your own Restoration Hardware style vintage synonym flashcards with these free printables. Or design your own with the linked fonts!

Don’t you just love Restoration Hardware? I mean, they have some of the most stylish art and furniture around. (Sometimes I think I like RH Baby & Child the most.) But, although I’m sure it’s worth it, the prices are often out of reach for the average family. Which explains all the RH knockoffs that are online!

And speaking of RH knockoffs…

framed oversized flashcard, wood frame

Vintage Synonym Flashcards – Restoration Hardware Knockoff

I love vocabulary cards – the simplicity, the typography. But I think the sentimental homeschool teacher part of me loves them because they were such a basic part of education for so long.

I thought it would be fun to recreate both sets of Restoration Hardware Vintage Synonym Flashcards. You know to pay homage to our homeschooling. And I happen to like the words RH chose to display.

framed oversized flashcard, wood frame

I also made them into printables for you – so you can have your own set too.

These are obviously for personal use only. Just click on the one you want, then right click to save and print from the PDF.

Vintage Synonym Flashcard

Vintage Synonym Flashcard 2

Vintage Synonym Flashcards – Make Your Own!

Not only did I make the RH version of the flashcards to share with you as printables, but I’m sharing the fonts (free and paid options) I used so you can create custom vintage looking vocabulary cards if you feel so inclined.

You know, if you want to choose other synonyms or word pairs entirely!

Although Futura seemed a perfect match, I wasn’t going to pay for it at this point – but you totally could if you’re really into fonts and want and EXACT match.

The closest FREE matching fonts I could find were GeoSans Light and Century Gothic.

I’m a font snob, but I’m also cheap. Hence the free fonts that are close enough.

framed oversized flashcard, wood frame


I have to tell you I totally cheated when I made these vintage synonym flashcards.

I didn’t even use proper creative software.

No Illustrator, no gimp. Nope.

I used Microsoft Word – just to prove that anyone could make these too!

To make your own Vintage Synonym Flashcards with any words you like…

1. Open a new Word document. Depending on the version you have, change your page size to 10″x8″. I had to do this under the print settings.

2. Make your margins as small as you possibly can for your printer.

3. Choose Century Gothic for your font. Type the word swift (or your chosen word) centered at 180 pts.

4. Hit enter. Then type the definition (“A swift stream roared under the bridge.”). Select your typed definition sentence and change the font to GeoSans Light. Change the size to 30 points. Change the font color of the word swift to red.

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for the second word and definition. This may bump some words to a second page. Don’t worry, we’ll fix it!

6. Select all your type, change all paragraph and line spacing to 0 pts. This should make everything fit on one page.

7. Using the drawing tools, draw a 9 pt line across the page.

8. Save, print and frame!

I’ve also made my Word document available to you here for free. Just open it and edit the words how you like, then save and print!

framed oversized flashcard, wood frame

Do you like vintage vocabulary cards? What words would you choose if you were designing your own?

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