Do you remember this project from last year?

It’s our vertical garden and as much as we LOVED the look of all the adorable little clay pots we’ve since decided they just aren’t practical for us.

You see, all those little pots required daily watering.

Which is totally fine and quite fun if you’re someone like my friend Rachel who loves to garden everyday.

But I am not the green-thumb type.

If it’s not in the ground where it can mostly get it’s own water (except in the dead of summer when nothing is wet and I remember to take pity on all the living things and give them water) I will likely kill it.

Just ask my kids and they’ll tell you to keep potted plants away from Momma.


I do adore beautiful gardens and growing vegetables and all the outdoor beauty of a well-looked-after yard.

And if I plant something in the ground, feed it and then water it on occasion when the weather is dry it WILL actually flourish!

So what are we doing with the vertical garden, you ask?

Well, right now it looks like this…

vertical garden trellis

After discussing the options we laid out in our last post, we chose to plant vegetables (and fruit if you want to get technical) in the ground beneath the trellis to grow up in true vertical garden style. We chose pole beans, cucumbers and beefsteak tomatoes to be specific. Pole beans will obviously grow up – hence the “pole” part of their name. But in our research apparently cucumbers and tomatoes can do very well growing up too! Who knew?

So here’s what we did and some of the products we used to help our little vertical veggie garden get off to a good start…

PLANTING After our minions helpers removed all the clay pots, Dean dug out beneath the trellis so we could add an in-ground (vs in-pots) specific soil mixture – Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Garden Soil – in which to plant the bean, cucumber and tomato seeds. We chose this particular soil because it: 

  • contains slow release nitrogen which can feed plants for up to 2 months.
  • promotes stronger root growth for healthier plants.
  • helps grow bigger, more beautiful plants

Then we planted the seeds more or less according to the depths and distances on the packages and covered them with soil. FEEDING After the seeds were in the ground and covered up, we added Miracle-Gro Shake ‘n Feed All Purpose Slow Release Plant Food for good measure. It’s supposed to help feed the plants for up to 4 months. Why not give them all the help they can get, right?!

Miraclo-Gro Shake 'n Feed All Purpose Slow Release Plant Food

SOON TO BE GROWING Obviously the vertical trellis with chicken wire is already in place as that’s what the clay pots were hanging on, so all we will need to do is help the veggies stay vertical by tying them gently to the chicken wire as they grow.

Now we wait for our first vegetable garden in years to start growing.

We’ll of course let you know how it goes!


This post is part of a summer series sponsored by Scotts Miracle-Gro. We are working on our gardens and our grass. Follow #IGrewIt on social media to see how we do!
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  1. Shannon
    Growing your own fruit and verges is SO awesome . . . just wait until you bite into your first home-grown tomato. You won’t believe how much flavour it has.
    Have fun!

  2. Where did you get the ground spikes for the 4×4 posts? Are they 18″ or 24″? Is there a brand name? We want to construct a trellis like this. I think it looks really nice and will be a great addition to our patio. Thanks

    1. Hi Cheryl, We got them from Home Depot. I’m pretty sure both Lowe’s and Home Depot have them now. They were actually 36 inches long, to help compensate for our frost line here.