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Updating Light Fixtures on the Main Floor to Add Character

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In this post: Updating the light fixtures on the main floor. Sharing that once again a huge impact can be made with seemingly small changes in your home.

(Special thanks to for providing a few new light fixtures for our new house.)

There are three ways to freshen up an older home: painting walls, changing out door hardware and updating light fixtures.

(Of course I’m not talking about an old home, one that has plenty of original character. Those you leave alone and enjoy! I’m talking about an older home that is from the 80’s or 90’s and has some well, not so pretty fixtures. Make sense? Okay, good.)


If you guessed changing out the light fixtures, you’d be right!

Swapping out older light fixtures for new ones requires minimal work (most of the time) and costs only a few hundred dollars (if you shop well).

Kitchen Lighting

One of the things that I really liked about our new house is the open kitchen with the large island. But it does need a little updating to make it function better for us.  The plan is to update it at some point next year (God willing). It’s meant to be an eat-in kitchen, with a seating area near the patio doors. However as a family of five that won’t work for us for a couple of reasons – 1. There are too many of us to fit around a small table and 2. We need the space for storage. (Them teenagers eat a LOT!)

In the meantime, we’re using our rolling pantry shelves and my desk to fill out the space and provide more storage. Admittedly it’s driving me a little batty to have all that out in the open right next to the living room. But it’s temporary, so I’ll live with it.

Because we aren’t using the space as it was originally designed, the old light fixture was rather in the way (people taller than I were constantly bumping their heads) on the one side of the kitchen and the older track light that matched just wasn’t my favorite.


To clean up the kitchen somewhat, we installed two identical adjustable track light systems instead. By choosing adjustable tracks, we could place the lights exactly where we wanted them regardless of where the electrical box was located.



Hallway Lighting

Our hallway is really just a long run of space beside the dining room between the stairs and the pillars. But even that unsuspecting spot benefited from new lighting! (And a wee bit of tidying up. #moving)



Dean and I both love these schoolhouse looking light fixtures especially because of the fact that they’re perfectly over sized.


Entryway Lighting

The entryway benefited from all three of our “quick fixes” to update a space – paint, new hardware and a new light fixture – the Odie 4-Light Pendant by Laurel Foundry Modern Modern Farmhouse




Mini Video Tour

Since it’s pretty difficult to take good shots of lighting (white ceilings and weird angles), I shot a wee video for you too!

Black and white is a bit of the theme for the new house. Although there will be a lot more texture coming into play once we tackle some DIY projects like coffered ceilings and wainscoting.

But in the meantime we will enjoy the big impact little changes – like light fixtures – can make!


Light Fixture Source List:

Sea Gull Lighting Academy Flushmount (Schoolhouse-look)

Sea Gull Lighting Perryton 4 Light Foyer Pendant

Sea Gull Lighting Rail (Track Light)

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