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In this post: It always amazes me, the power of paint. I mean nothing else can transform a room in quite the same way!

When we installed the plywood shiplap on the one living room wall, I painted it black. Honestly, it was always my intention to paint it white. I just wanted to see what a lovely moody black would look like in the room. Plus, my lovely readers voted for black over white, so I thought “why not?!”

And then it stayed like that for two years. 

Given that we’ve spent so much time – more than normal even for this homebody – in our house this year, I was itching for a change. And a can of paint was about all the change I could afford at this point! Ha! 

I really didn’t *feel* like painting yesterday. But it’s a week (or less in this house) until the Christmas decor begins to make its way out of the rubbermaid tubs where it lives ten months of the year. 

It was sort of now or never (or at least not until the new year, again).  

The Power of White Paint

I always have such great help 😉

Dean of course was a trooper and took things off the walls and moved furniture. And then mysteriously vanished to watch football for a few hours. (I don’t think he felt like painting either and was afraid I’d rope him into helping. He was probably right.)

The kids also happened to want to spend time in their own spaces, so I happily watched cheesy pvr’d Christmas and mystery movies all afternoon while I painted. 

The Living Room Before

Like I said, two years ago we added some simple plywood shiplap. You can read all about that in this post. It was the exact same method we used to add shiplap to the kitchen (as our backsplash) and to the kitchen island and fireplace mantels too. 

shiplap almost installed

When it was still in the plywood state (with our still gray slipcovers vs the beige ones), I put a poll on our Instagram Stories and asked whether I should paint it black or white. The winner was black and so I obliged and painted just the shiplap wall Sherwin Williams Black Magic. 

black shiplap wall modern farmhouse

And I really liked it. The fireplace was gray and black at the time and the kitchen island was black (it’s now white too!) and it seemed to coordinate well. 

winter living room with black shiplap wall and neutral decor

Although I secretly still really wanted to paint everything white. I just LOVE white and wood. There was just never enough time or energy to move everything and paint over the black. Until this Sunday. 

The Living Room After – Now

By the end of the day on Sunday – with Dean’s help moving all the things – the room was totally transformed. If you follow along with us on Instagram, you might have seen the progress. 

This morning I shot these pics real quick with my iPhone right before my son was about to start his Monday college class online at my old desk in the kitchen. When I pull out my real camera, I’ll shoot some more and they’re be more clear. 

beige ektorp sectional with white shiplap wall

I think I’ll likely switch things up a lot in here. After all our Christmas tree comes out in a few days, and then there will be other winter decor and then spring, and so on. But I wanted to give it a quick styling to show you the difference. 

tall mirror leaning on white shiplap wall

F scott fitzgerald farmhouse sign quote

Check out this post, How to Choose the Right White Paint for Your Home, if you’re having trouble picking a great white paint!


And because someone will inevitably skim this post and miss it:

The Paint Colors

  • Black Paint – Sherwin Williams Black Magic
  • White Paint – Sherwin Williams Eider White

The Couch

Our sectional is the Ikea Ektorp. We’ve had it for four years. We love it and you can read a review I wrote about it last year. 

Originally, we had white slipcovers, which were terrible for us. You can read more about that in my book or in this post

Then we had Nordvalla Gray slipcovers. Which were excellent for hiding dirt and such. But didn’t quite fit the color scheme I really wanted. 

And now we have Nordvalla Beige and LOVE them! 

The Lamps

The table lamps were originally from Birch Lane, however they have not had them for ages and I can’t seem to find them anywhere else. I’m so sorry!

Honestly, I love it! The white is so much brighter, which I think will be really good as we head into winter. It’s always so gray, especially after Christmas here. 

Candles on sofa table stag head on white shiplap wall

The Candlesticks

These are also from Birch Lane. But I’ve seen them on Amazon now too. 

The Artwork

The F. Scott Fitzgerald quote are is from William Rae Designs. The Let’s Stay Home sign is from etsy

farmhouse style living room

See how it all ties in and flows with the rest of the room now? It feels so much bigger and brighter. 

white shiplap fireplace

White Shiplap Wall in Living Room

The Power of White Paint

What do you think? Did you like the shiplap better black? Or are you loving the new whiter, brighter vibe?

shannon sign off

home made lovely book on table with get it now text button

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