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The New Dining Room Bookcase

dining room bookcase - Mallory Vitrine Standard Bookcase

Our plan for this year is to make this house we call home work better for us.

To add a little more storage and seating.

To make the spaces we live in and entertain in everyday just a wee bit more elegant.

Not over the top. Not fru-fru. Definitely still a little masculine and a bit rustic feeling. But a little more grown-up.

dining room to living room view

We’re trying to go for a little more simplicity too.

Creating a cozy and beautiful home but with less clutter. A bigger impact with fewer pieces.

We’re getting there. It’s a work in progress.

The New Dining Room Bookcase as a Hutch

Glass door bookcase open

This large glass door bookcase from Wayfair is one of the pieces that helps to contain the necessary dining room items while looking pretty on a big scale too.

The glass doors keep the dust off … and a certain wee doggie out.

The rustic natural color reclaimed wood and gray iron hardware looks so stunning!

handle detail 2

handle detail

And the new dining room bookcase functions very very well as a hutch for all the glassware and extra dishes.

interior of dining room bookcase with glasses

It also just happens to look smashing with the other newly updated corner of the dining room.  Home Made Lovely Dining Room

But you’ll have to wait to see more of that until later!

Do you have a bookcase in your dining room? Or are you more of a traditional hutch and buffet lover?


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  1. Nadine says

    Wow Shannon,
    Your dining room bookcase looks stunning and so does your place. In the process of decluttering, organizing and just trying to make our home look more pulled together and pretty…so your posts have been very inspiring. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing that updated corner of your dining room!

  2. Katie! says

    Just signed up and got my first email!! I never sign up for things like this but felt compelled to with you. Love your message and can relate to you as well as your talent. ~ Thank you~ Katie!

  3. gailanne says

    Fabulous! You inspire me with your innovative approach — our styles are similar; yours is much more developed and I love it!! ❤️

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