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In this post: When I find a new-to-me magazine that is both beautiful and faith-based, I just have to share! Here’s why I love The Joyful Life magazine and where you can get it. 

I don’t know about you, but I get absolutely giddy when I find a new magazine that I love. I mean there is loads of great inspiration online these days. But there’s still something so magical about sitting down with a beautiful book or magazine that just makes this momma so happy. 

And that’s how I felt when I discovered The Joyful Life last year. 

The Joyful Life Magazine 

The Joyful Life inspires women to pursue joy and discover beauty in their daily lives by grounding their hearts in Christ, leading them to live and love well—for the purpose of glorifying God. 

Sounds just like what I try to do here at Home Made Lovely. 

Why I love The Joyful Life

01. It’s beautiful

For whatever reason, it seems rare to find a home resource that is both beautiful – and I mean, gorgeous – and faith-based. It seems most are either one or the other. 

If you’ve read my book, you know that I believe that our Creator God created all the beautiful things and that’s why we are drawn to them in nature and in our homes. 

The Joyful Life Magazine

The Joyful Life Magazine

02. It’s unabashedly Christian

In their Statement of Faith, you can read exactly what the authors, creators, and editors of the magazine believe. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. 

Just like you can read the Home Made Lovely Statement of Faith, so you know exactly what you’re getting. 

03. It’s “Collectible”

The quarterly magazine is so pretty that it can be collected and displayed right alongside your most lovely coffee table books. Which I plan to do when I have a couple more issues!

I suppose this is a similar point to number 1, but I think it bears repeating!

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The Joyful Life Magazine 

04. There are very few ads

The Joyful Life is a predominantly reader-supported publication with no more than 5% of its total content comprised of ads from carefully selected sponsor partners. Now that is refreshing!

(I wish I could have that few ads here, honestly. But alas, Home Made Lovely is a free blog, not a paid magazine.)

The Joyful Life Magazine

05. The contents are amazing

The topics and articles included in The Joyful Life are life-giving.

Just look at what’s in the Spring 2021 issue (current to when I wrote this):

  • Hope for Spiritual Numbness: Awakening Our Soul-Senses to Perceive the Goodness of God
  • 10 Biblical Life Skills to Teach Your Children Before They Leave Home
  • How to Nurture Creativity
  • Dear Mama, You Don’t Need to Be Good Enough
  • Growing Faith in Your Tweens and Teens
  • Free Lemonade: Enjoying Spiritual Refreshment
  • Encountering the God of Hope
  • The Art of Dabbling: Reflecting God’s Image When Mastery Isn’t Possible
  • Creating a Family Mission Statement
  • Easter Morning Exaltation
  • DIY Room Spray
  • 5 Uniquely-Scrumptious Semi-Homemade Cupcake Recipes

And In Every Issue:

  • Heart-Strong Christian Women Interview Series Featuring Katie Guiliano of Hosanna Revival
  • History of the Hymn
  • Creating Family Memories Series
  • & Much More!

Where to Get It

The Joyful Life is very easy to order online:


Have you seen The Joyful Life yet? What are your favorite magazines? 

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