In this post: Need a planner, but don’t have the budget for a fancy-schmancy one? Here’s a free printable planner that you can download and print yourself! Plus it’s in black and white to help keep the printing cost down even more!

When the new year was fast approaching – and my old planner was quickly running out of pages – I decided I’d design my own blog planner for the new year. And I thought you may appreciate a free printable planner too! 

daily planner cover and binder
free printable daily planner

Why a Printable Planner

As much as I adore technology, I’m also a very visual person.

Which means I still like a pen (my favorite is this one) and a paper planner.

And after four and a half years of searching, I still hadn’t found a planner that I loved for blogging and day-to-day life.

So I combined parts from a few different planners that I’ve tried over the years, taking out the intense life planning portions of other planners and adding extra blank pages for sketching last-minute inspired ideas (at the back of the book), to create a planner I LOVE!!!

notes and sketches page

The Free Printable Planner

At the front of the planner is a very simple, Plain Jane monthly calendar section to keep track of important monthly commitments and for editorial calendar planning (I suggest using a pencil for that part of it may get real messy real quick!).


In the daily section, I laid out the planner with one day per page.

Each daily page has a place for:

  • the date (I left these blank so no matter where you jump in in the year, you can have 365 days of use)
  • a blog post title
  • schedule
  • to do list
  • and a notes section

Because I had mine printed at the print shop, I had it spiral bound – which is something you can do as well! –  it’s very easy to open flat or fold around to save desk space!

And there’s a lot of space around the edges of each page for doodling, more notes, etc.

free printable planner download

I designed it to fit on standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper and in black and white so that it’s easy and economical to print. And I’ve given you the option to print the ENTIRE thing as I did mine. Or just individual pages.

free printable planner daily page

I even created a two-page per day spread in case your handwriting is neater than mine you just want a smaller space to write things.

free printable daily planner

Free Printable Planner Downloads

free printable planner dowload

Do you love a printed planner as much as I do?

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