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The Curb Appeal Series: THE BIG REVEAL!

In this post: We’re going to switch up this Curb Appeal thing a bit and give you all what you’ve been asking for – THE BIG REVEAL!

While we still have two tutorial/DIYs for you – the Concrete Foundation Refacing and the Cedar Window Boxes, which are coming – we thought it was about time we showed you the whole shebang! Good idea, yes?

the curb appeal series reveal

Are ya ready?!

Here’s our pretty little bungalow after a whole lot of sweat and hard work (mostly by Dean)!

And here’s a recent before just to jog your memory:


And a “way before” (about 2 years ago):

And if you want a really old one, the realtor listing from before we bought the house in 2009:

I know, what were we thinking, right?!

To recap, with lots of goodies from The Home Depot, we redid the Walkway

The Garden (which still has lots of growing and filling out to do – we’ll post update pics for sure!),

Refaced the Foundation (we’ll link to the how-to after we write that post!),

And built some Cedar Window Boxes (ditto on the linking thing).

We are SO happy with the finished result.

Here’s a run down of what we did and the costs involved.

Easy Fixes $55*

  • repaint the shutters $0
  • repaint the mailbox $0
  • took down the broken Christmas lights (hanging head in shame) $0
  • over-seeded and fertilized lawn $55

*(In the past two years we’ve also replaced the front door to the tune of about $200 by deal hunting and the house number sign with a Home Depot house warming gift certificate from my sis)

Accessories $140

  • barn star (Thanks, Kim!) $0
  • wicker chair & paint (kijiji & paint on hand) $10
  • bike chain to secure chair to porch $12
  • birdcage (Walmart) $20
  • burlap and candle in birdcage (already owned) $0
  • basket, natural balls, faux fern, dragonfly and flower garden accents (Homesense) $65
  • red and white pillow (Etsy) $22
  • “no soliciting please” sticker on mailbox (Etsy) $11

Home Depot Sponsored projects $1055

For a GRAND TOTAL of $1250

There are still more things we could do, like new siding, resurfacing the porch (there must have been railings at some point because you can see the rust spots!) and porch steps (they’re chipped and cracked), replacing the door awning, etc. But each of those projects can be done at another time to improve the curb appeal further.

Right now we are thrilled with the perk-up!!!

How about a side-by-side before and after?

That’s the big reveal – we sigh with happy sighs that we’re done and that it looks so pretty!!! Like we said, we’ll be back with tutorials/how to’s for the Concrete Refacing and the Cedar Window Boxes. (We’ll also link them into this post when they’re finished for easy-peasy reference!)

More curb appeal

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Update: We sold the house in 2012

After working on the wee bungalow for a few years, we sold it to move into the back split in 2012 (and then sold that to move to the two-story in 2016). Here’s what the bungalow’s curb appeal looked like when it was sold later:

little white bungalow

What do you think? Improved Curb Appeal? What do you like best? What curb appeal projects could you do on your own house?

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