Well we’ve made a bit more progress in our son’s room this week. Some of you may remember, back in the fall, we participated in Crafting With the Stars. The final round was home decor and we redid this side of his room:

Up until this week much of the rest of the space was left rather in shambles.

We just got busy and since the bookshelves from the living room were coming in here after we built the new ones for that space…well…bad Mommy and Daddy just didn’t have time to work on those. Anyway, we are finally working on the new living room shelves (should be done by Christmas) and we moved the older black bookcases into our son’s room this past weekend. 

And yesterday we finally got around to organizing them too. We have had those blue Ikea buckets since Jonah was a toddler – those things are durable! Oh and for anyone wondering, there are no ceiling lights in the bedrooms of this house, so lamps are needed for now. One day we’ll get to installing proper ceiling light fixtures! (Add it to the never ending list!)

And the rest of the room is shaping up as a result of tidying up too.

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Jonah likes it – what do you think?