Feeling overwhelmed and unprepared for Thanksgiving?

  • Tired of feeling worn out before the Holidays even start?
  • Sick of forgetting to thaw the turkey in time? Or having cold potatoes because you ran out of cooking space?
  • Hate missing out on all the fun because you’re stuck in the kitchen for days?
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The truth is you can enjoy a stress-free Thanksgiving while still loving on your family and friends.

The secret?

You need a Holiday Helper!

Introducing the ultimate
Thanksgiving Planner

 Designed for your busy household, this planner is detailed and fun and includes over 80 printables for every area of Thanksgiving hosting. Whether you have 10 or 100 guests coming over, it’s the perfect little holiday helper!

What’s Included in the Thanksgiving Planner:

  • BRAINSTORMING, PLANNING SHEETS & TO-DO LISTS – Brainstorm and brain dump everything you need for a fantastic Thanksgiving. Things like color scheme, budget, meal ideas, help, and guest list. Then sort it all easily and create your plan with the included to-do lists.
  • TIMELINES – Know exactly when to pull out the decor, thaw the turkey, and put the pie in the oven. Plus outline your schedule of events like when guests will arrive, when food will be served and when games will be played.
  • INVENTORY TRACKERS – Take stock of exactly which pantry, freezer, and fridge items you have and which ones you still need. Also, sort out what decor you have already and what you need to zip out and pick up.
  • MEAL PLANNERS – Plan your meal from the main attraction (the turkey!) right down to the last side dish, keep track of portion sizes and dietary restrictions (no butter for Aunt Jane and no gluten for Uncle Jon) and know at a glance exactly what has to go in the oven when with the easy to use printables. Plus, have a plan for all those leftovers – so you’re not eating turkey sandwiches for a week straight!
  • CHECKLISTS – Get your home ready with fall cleaning, guest room prep, fall bucket list checklists, and more.
  • FAMILY FUN – Have fun with your family with playlist planners, bucket lists, and Thanksgiving tradition track sheets.

FREE BONUS: Kids Thanksgiving Activity Pack

12 extra pages of Thanksgiving-themed fun and games like I Spy, Word Search, Word Scramble, and coloring pages to keep the kids occupied.

Thanksgiving kids' activity pack two stacked and another one open

There are more than 80 printables included in the Thanksgiving Planner!

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  • 4 x Cover Sheets
  • 11 Divider Sheets
  • Thanksgiving Details
  • Thanksgiving Checklist Sheets
  • Thanksgiving Timeline Sheets
  • Thanksgiving To-Do List
  • Brainstorm Sheet
  • Thanksgiving Details
  • Thanksgiving Checklist Sheets
  • Thanksgiving Timeline Sheets
  • Thanksgiving To-Do List
  • Budget Sheets
  • Recipe List
  • Recipe Sheet
  • Menu Ideas
  • Final Menu
  • Portion Guide Worksheet
  • Cooking Schedule Sheets
  • Baking Schedule Sheets
  • Drinks Planner
  • Cooking List
  • Dietary Requirements Sheet
  • Leftover Recipe Ideas
  • Potluck Planner
  • Turkey Planner
  • Oven Space Planner
  • Kitchen Inventory Sheets
  • Invitation Planner
  • Schedule Sheets
  • Activities
  • Online Shopping List
  • Online Order Tracker
  • Decor Planner
  • Thanksgiving Table Planner
  • Kiddies Table Planner
  • Buffet Server Planner
  • Guest Room Planner
  • Hosting Checklist
  • Fall Cleaning Checklist
  • Thanksgiving Crafts Planner
  • Tasks & Projects Checklist
  • Thank You Cards Worksheet
  • Gratitude List
  • Playlist Planner
  • Fall Bucket List
  • Traditions Worksheet
  • Shopping List
  • Daily Planner
  • Weekly Planner
  • Weekly Checklist
  • Blank Calendars – Sep, Oct, Nov
  • Memo Sheet
  • Guest List Sheets
  • Expenses

Get the Thanksgiving Planner
+ The Bonus Kids’ Activity Pack

Whether you have ten or one-hundred guests over, this kit has everything you need to stay organized and have fun this Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect little holiday helper! 

Just $7

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Print the Pages

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the most complete Thanksgiving Planner with over 80 pages of worksheets, sample timelines and ideas, checklists and cheat sheets. Plus, you can print it over and over again to use year after year.

No, the Thanksgiving Planner is a digital download that you can print out at home or at your local print shop.

Due to the digital nature of the product, we do NOT offer refunds. All sales are final.

Hi, I’m Shannon.

I believe home is the most important place on earth and it’s my passion to help other mommas create the home they’ve always wanted right where they are. I created the Thanksgiving Planner to help you have a fun and stress-free Thanksgiving with your family!

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Thanksgiving Planner


  • Get the downloadable, printable copy of my 83-page Thanksgiving Planner that will show you exactly how to have a stress-free Thanksgiving.
  • Print it out and start celebrating Thanksgiving with more joy and fun – and less stress!
  • Includes the FREE BONUS Thanksgiving Kids’ Activity Pack with 12 pages of fun activities for kids of all ages!
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  • And my 100-page Christmas Planner that will help you have more joy and less stress this Holiday season.
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  • That’s 213 pages of Holiday help for just $14!!!