In this post: Store-bought organizers can be expensive. Thankfully, there are many budget-friendly hacks, using items you already have on hand, that can make storing your holiday decor a breeze.

We can all agree that taking down holiday decor is not quite as exciting as putting it up. And, while ornament organizers and wreath boxes make the un-decorating process much easier, the costs of those storage containers can be a bit off-putting when our wallets are recovering from the holidays. Thankfully, there are many budget-friendly hacks, using items you already have on hand, that can make storing your holiday decor a breeze.

5 Budget Friendly Hacks for Storing Holiday Decor pin

5 Budget Friendly Hacks for Storing Holiday Decor

Hack #1 – Recycle items for ornament storage

If your ball ornaments are small enough, use egg cartons as storage containers. Stack the egg cartons snugly in a larger box for secure storage.

If you need a storage container for larger balls, drink trays are an excellent option.

Recycle the trays you get when you order take-out and stack one tray upside down on top of the other to make an enclosed tray for the ornaments.  Tape the sides closed and stack in a box.

Non-spherical ornaments can be stored in plastic zip-top bags. Use leftover tissue paper and wrapping paper from Christmas morning to pad the inside of the bags and protect breakable objects.

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Hack #2 – Hang wreaths in bags

If you decorated your wreath with ribbons, ornaments, or lights, leave all decorations on and slip the wreath into a large trash bag. Tie the bag at the top and use an extra clothes hanger to hang the bag in a spare closet.

If you have multiple wreaths, label each bag with a permanent marker or sticker label so you can easily plan your decorating next year.

You can also use garment bags for this if you have several on hand.

Hack #3 – Wrap lights around cardboard

How many Christmas movies involve a scene where a character is frantically trying to untangle a wad of Christmas lights? (Hint: a lot!). To avoid a lighting mishap, wrap your lights carefully around a large piece of cardboard as you take them off your tree (sturdy cardboard from a gift box will do).

Or, hang on to your wrapping paper tubes and wrap the lights carefully around those, tucking the plug into the end of the tube. Tape down the end so it doesn’t come unraveled and store in a large trash bag or box.

It’s also a great idea to label where the lights were used (“Tree” or “Banister”) for easier decorating next year.

Storing holiday decor doesn’t have to be a crazy mess or crazy expensive!

Hack #4 – Store garland with wreaths or tree

Garland can be stored in a similar fashion as wreaths: carefully wrap the garland into a wreath-shape before putting it in a bag and hanging in a storage closet.

The Christmas tree box (if you use an artificial tree) is also a great place to store garland since it’s long and likely won’t require that the garland be folded. Loosely tuck the garland into any extra space in the box once you put the tree in.

Hack #5 – Repurpose holiday decor as storage

If you have several strands of bead garland, get double use out of your holiday vases by filling the vase slowly with the string of beads. Tuck leftover wrapping paper into any extra space at the top of the vase so that the beads don’t move around or become tangled. Lay breakable vases into a large plastic or cardboard storage box and fill in any extra space with leftover tissue paper or other decor (bags of ornaments or stockings, for example).


Breakable knick-knacks and other decor can be wrapped in tissue and wrapping paper and stored in plastic containers or in leftover gift boxes.

Stockings also work as excellent storage for especially fragile objects: wrap breakables in tissue paper and tuck inside stockings. Lay stockings in a plastic container between other ornaments and decor.

Holiday throw pillows and blankets make wonderful padding in storage boxes.

5 Budget Friendly Hacks for Storing Holiday Decor pin

While it’s always a bit sad to take down holiday decor, these hacks are sure to bring some organization joy to your post-Christmas home. Plus, properly stored decor this year means a stress-free decorating experience next year!

Did you discover any new hacks for storing your holiday decor?

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