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Clutter-Free Home Starter Kit



Tired of all the clutter? 

Grab my favorite Clutter-Free Home Starter Kit for free!

  • Find your why so you can clear out the clutter once and for all.
  • 50 things you can throw away today guilt free.
  • 10 Clutter Hotspots you can tackle quickly and easily.

Decorating 101 Starter Kit


Wondering where to start decorating?

Grab my brand new Decorating 101 Starter Kit for free!

  • Learn which of the 8 most common design mistakes you’re making...and how to fix them
  • Get the decor staples checklist, pattern mixing cheat sheet, area rug size guide, and 8 budget decorating secrets
  • Plus all the interior design measurements you need to know

Find Your Style Workbook


What if you finally knew your unique decorating style so well that you could make decorating decisions with absolute confidence and turn your house into the beautiful home you’ve always dreamed it could be? 

This workbook with show you exactly how to:

  • Decide how you want your home to feel
  • Clearly define your decorating style
  • Combine multiple styles you like, and learn to combine your favorite styles with the styles your hubby likes too!

Your Whole Home Color Formula


Get cohesive flow with color in your home. This online course will teach you exactly how to create a whole home color palette and give you a plan for exactly how and where to use which colors in every room of your house!

Done for You Art


Create beautiful art displays in your home! Learn how to hang art in your home - either as single pieces or as a group. Includes the general guidelines you need to know, like how high you should hang art and more. Plus, 9 done-for-you gallery wall templates, so you can just choose one and get started!

DIY Paint Finishes & Techniques


12 of our most popular paint finishes and techniques all in one place! Includes photos, supply lists and how to get the looks we feature on our blog Home Made Lovely all the time! 

The Kitchen Binder


The Kitchen Binder is a convenient and affordable package of printable downloads that I originally created to keep myself organized in the kitchen.

It’s chock full of checklists, meal planners and inventory pages to keep your whole kitchen humming along smoothly.

Abundant Life Printable Planner


After years of searching we couldn’t find a planner that we loved.

A simple, everyday planner. One that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

So we studied different planners and all their elements and put our graphic design background to use, to come up with our own printable planner.

The Complete Guide to Using Essential Oils in Your Home


Do you want to use essential oils in your home more, but feel like there's so much info out there? 

Then, you'll love this 63-page PDF guide packed with everything you need to know to - without the overwhelm. 

Home Made Lovely (the book)

Home Made Lovely is a mind-set: decorating should be about those who live there, rather than making your home into a magazine-worthy spread.

In the book, I walk you through how to:

  • decorate in a way that suits your family’s real life
  • declutter in seven simple steps
  • perform a house blessing to dedicate your home to God
  • be thankful for your current home and what you already have
  • brush up on hospitality with more than 20 actionable ideas that will make anyone feel welcome and loved in your home

In Home Made Lovely, I meet you right where you are on your home-decorating journey, helping you share the peace of Christ with family members and guests.

About $24, sometimes less!

home made lovely book

The Clutter Fix

Learn how to tame the clutter in every single space in your home – and gain back your sanity!

The Clutter Fix is step-by-step, room-by-room decluttering guide and workbook in one designed to help you FINALLY clear the clutter for good.

In it, I walk you through a complete home decluttering, tackle some key mindset issues, and show you how to keep your home clutter-free going forward. All sprinkled with no-nonsense, loving encouragement for every step of the way!

Now Available!


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Decorating Uncomplicated

A step-by-step guide to decorating your own home, for the woman who’s tired of wasting time and money on decor that doesn’t work. 

This is my signature course that’s changing homes everywhere! 

It’s the decorating 101 you were never taught, so you can finally make your home look and feel the way you want it to. 


Virtual Home Consult

A 60-minute virtual design consultation, where you can ask questions and get feedback directly from Shannon.

We'll hop on Zoom for a 60-minute virtual design consultation, where you can ask your design and decor questions and show me your home in real time. Or you can ask decluttering or hospitality questions. The home-related topic and questions are up to you!

(I can only fit in a few of these a month, so I encourage you to sign up when there's an open spot!)


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