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Learn how to make a stacked pumpkin topiary the easy way using faux pumpkins. Plus variations to suit whatever decor style or color scheme you like! 

I think it’s safe to say that I quite like decorating for fall. And of course, pumpkins are a huge and necessary part of any good fall decor, right? You can add them as baby boos to table settings, as giant versions on the front porch, as sewn cinderella versions or as a stacked pumpkin topiary! Which I’m going to show you how to make really easily in this post!

how to make a stacked pumpkin topiary

Make a Stacked Pumpkin Tower with Faux Pumpkins

I’ve actually made two different stacked pumpkin topiaries – one in white (shown above) and another in more traditional, rustic fall colors (shown below). You can literally put either together in 5-10 minutes. And if you choose the right faux pumpkins, your topiary can be really beautiful!

how to make a pumpkin tower with faux pumpkins

Either is a great way to infuse your regular decor with a little autumn love! 

How to Make a Stacked Pumpkin Topiary the Easy Way – with Faux Pumpkins!

neutral fall vignette

Instructions For a Pumpkin Topiary in a Pail



1. Remove all labels and tags from pumpkins and pail.

pumpkin tower supplies

2. Crumple Kraft paper and stuff inside pail, leaving the center free as shown. This adds stability to the pumpkins. Test and adjust as necessary.

oval metal pail

3. Hot glue the top of the stem of one pumpkin, and place upside down in pail with Kraft paper.  Press down so stem sticks to pail bottom.

hot glue stem

place bottom pumpkin upside down

hot glue bottom pumpkin to pail

4. Using either a hacksaw or utility knife cut the stem off of ONE pumpkin only.

cutting off pumpkin stem with hacksaw

pumpkin stem cut off

pumpkin no stem

5. Hot glue around the stemless pumpkin’s bottom as shown and then place on top of the pumpkin in the pail. Press down to adhere.

hot glue bottom of second and third pumpkin

6. Hot glue around bottom of the third pumpkin and stick on top of the other two pumpkins.

pumpkin tower

7. Stuff the gap between the pail and bottom pumpkin with straw, moss or shredded paper filling as desired.

hay in pail

You could also substitute the galvanized looking pail for an urn or something else. And you could use larger or smaller faux pumpkins too!

Instructions to Make a Pumpkin Topiary with No Base Container



1. Decide in which order your pumpkins will be stacked. Play with the stack a bit to be sure you like it.

three faux pupmkins stacked

four faux pumpkins stacked in a tower

2. Remove the stems on all but the top pumpkin. This should be pretty easy to do if your pumpkins are coated foam like mine were. If they’re not, you may have to cut the stems off with a handsaw or knife.

faux pumpkins stem out

3. Using hot glue, attach your pumpkins to each other one at a time to form your pre-arranged stack.

hot glue faux pumpkins together

how to make a pumpkin tower with faux pumpkins

Learn from my mistake by keeping your hot glue tucked into the pumpkin a little further so it doesn’t show on the completed topiary. 

And there you have it – a stacked pumpkin topiary or two of your very own!

stacked pumpkins

The best part is that you can reuse this stacked pumpkin topiary with faux pumpkins year after year because it will never go rotten!

white pumpkin tower

how to make a pumpkin topiary the easy way

Have you made pumpkin topiaries before?