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In this post: Anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations. Remember them with a special date stenciled sign!

Because we do DIY projects all the time, sometimes I forget to post one. For years. No joke. This project was born out of necessity, as my projects often are. I needed something to fill the vertical space on this non-seasonal mantel back in 2011.


So I grabbed a board, stained it and added a personal date in short form. Voila! Instant “art” that I’ve used over and over again!

april 13, 1996 stenciled on a wood board

april 13, 1996 stenciled on a wood board

Special Date Stenciled Sign

april 13, 1996 stenciled on a wood board


april 13, 1996 stenciled on a wood board


1. If not done already, cut wood to size. Then using a lint free rag stain according to stain packaging’s instructions. Let dry.

2. If not using actual stencils, print dates on paper. Using the pencil transfer method (rub pencil all over back side of paper, flip over and trace outline onto wood), apply penciled outlines of numbers to board. If using stencil, apply stencil and trace number outlines onto board.

3. Now paint inside pencil lines with a small brush and paint. Let dry

4. Attach saw tooth (or other) hanger to back side of board. Hang and enjoy!

april 13, 1996 stenciled on a wood board

You could use anniversaries, birthdays or any other significant dates to make this custom “stenciled” sign. It even makes a great gift!

crates on shelves, white sofa, black and white 23 pillow, special date stenciled sign

Have you made anything fun lately?

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