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In this post: Make your own snowflake embroidery hoop ornaments, with a few inexpensive supplies. Use them on your own tree or customize them as gifts!

So far this year, I’ve done a significant amount of my Christmas shopping online. I hate don’t like crowds. And I don’t like having to run hither, thither and yon in the rain or snow (depending on what kind of weather we happen to have on any given year) to find THAT ONE LAST ELUSIVE GIFT. So I shopped several of my favorite places online, from my couch, with my cup of java. Which was incredibly satisfying. BUT even though I probably COULD have bought everything that way, not all gifts SHOULD be purchased and delivered via the postman. Some gifts just need that little extra something. That handmade touch. 

It’s along those wonderfully creative lines that Shauna of Satori Design for Living and I partnered up today to each bring you a handmade gift that we created.

Now, I’m as creative as the next gal, but I’m also a little pressed for time (as are you, I’m sure!). So I needed to come up with a handmade gift that was unique, beautiful and easy to make in a small amount of time. Which led me to create this hand-stitched snowflake embroidery hoop ornament. YOU CAN TOTALLY CUSTOMIZE THIS FOR ANY TIME OF YEAR!

snowflake embroidery hoop ornaments

I started stitching things about 7 or 8 years ago because it doesn’t really take any special skill, but still looks like I spent ages working on it. I used to make pillows and framed art for an online decorating shop Dean and I used to own about a zillion years ago. Embellishing and using embroidery hoops as crafts isn’t necessarily a new idea – I’ve actually wanted to do an embroidery hoop craft for months. But every time I looked for wooden hoops, all I could find were colorful plastic versions. So not the same look! But this past weekend while I was perusing Michael’s for other crafty-decorate-y things, I spied several sizes of wooden embroidery hoops. Score! I picked up the smallest size at 3″, plus a few more colors of embroidery floss and some felt.

Snowflake Embroidery Hoop Ornaments

embroidery hoop ornaments



1. Using a pencil, trace outer circle of embroidery hoop onto fabric and then onto felt (the felt adds some oomph and strength to the fabric and stitching). Trim fabric and felt about 3/4 of an inch outside of the traced circle.

2. Layer fabric over felt and secure firmly in embroidery hoop. (Loosen screw, remove inner circle, lay fabric & felt over inner circle, slide outer hoop over top and re-tighten screw.)

gluing the fabric in back embroidery hoop

3. Using hot glue gun and glue, secure excess fabric to back inside of embroidery hoop. (See photo above)

pencilled snowflake

4. Using a pencil, lightly draw snowflake on fabric. (See photo above)

back stitch

5. Using a length of embroidery floss (all 6 strands threaded onto needle with a knot tied at the end), begin to back-stitch over pencil lines. (See photo above)

6. Finish each section by knotting floss on the back side.

7. Optional: Create little knots on the front side for added interest.

8. Optional: add some Mod Podge to the edges of the embroidery hoop and sprinkle with glitter for a little extra sparkle.

9. Hang as an ornament on the tree with baker’s twine. Or use as an embellishment for a larger gift!

snowflake ornament in tree

I think it’s an adorably darling little handmade gift to give someone special.

hand stitched snowflake embroidery hoop ornament

Or make several and decorate a tree for your own house for a handmade Christmas look!

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What about you – do you shop online? Or do you prefer to take the time to create something unique and handmade to give?