In this post: This year I was craving a little more simplicity in our fall decor. So, for our fall home tour, I kept things really quite simple and neutral. 

Each season I have the pleasure of hosting the Canadian Bloggers Home Tour with my friend Christina, from The DIY Mommy. And of course, this season is no different, as we share our fall home tour photos with you. 

simple fall home tour pin

To be honest, the weather here has not made it at all conducive to fall decorating just yet. Up until a few days ago it was rather hot and humid, actually. But then, over the weekend, the temperature dropped significantly and the humidity all but disappeared. 

But, even with the more fall-ish temperatures, I was not up for an ‘over-the-top’ style of decorating this season. 

I just wanted simple.

A hint of autumn, if you will. 

And no bright colors, which is fairly normal around here. Sure, every once in awhile I’ll go all orange crazy in the fall. But not this year. 

Delightfully Simple Fall Home Tour 

To keep that neutral sort of idea front of mind, I pulled out my fall totes. Currently, I have five of them. I had a couple more, but last week we (thankfully my girls helped me) did a huge purge of my decor stash and eliminated two entire fall totes. (My Christmas totes count, on the other hand, is still in the double digits. But that’s something to deal with another day.)

fall totes in a row

Anyway, like I said, I pulled out my fall totes and took a look at their contents. Yup, ninety-nine percent neutrals. Hallelujah!

Then I set about adding these simple fall touches to our main floor.

Kitchen center

kitchen side

Today I’m sharing photos of the living room and kitchen, which happen to be right next to each other. Next week, I’ll share the dining room…including a fall table setting that you can copy at your house too! 

fall fireplace in living room

I added a pumpkin here, a wheat sheaf there. 

And another pumpkin. And maybe another. But all in subdued shades of white. 

corner dresser for fall

Even our little doggie, Jackson, goes with the neutral decor!

Jackson on the chair fall 2018

Of course, this is our LIVING room. We really use this space. So, it has to remain fully functional for movie nights, reading books, snuggling and all sorts of family togetherness (my favorite!).

The new book shelves (below) will eventually be chock FULL of books and nothing else. But until I collect a few more, the shelves were looking a little bare…thus the extra fall decor. 

new bookshelves on wall for fall

farmhouse fall living room

But functional can be pretty too. Just look at those dried hydrangeas! Those were all clipped off my Strawberry Hydrangea tree a few weeks ago and hung in the garage to dry until I brought them in today. I just love their oh-so-subtle touch of color. 

gallery grid wall dried hydrangeas

In the end, I think I’ve added just enough decor for everyone to feel like it’s fall. But not so much that it overwhelms our space. 

wood cake stand white pumpkins

simple fall living room fireplace

Don’t forget to pin for later!

simple fall home tour pin

Do you decorate for fall inside your house? What are your favorite colors to decorate with in autumn?

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  1. Really love it Shannon.
    So soothing.
    Because we had to downsize several years ago, (I had as many totes as you) I only have a handful of fall decorations now, and they all have special meaning to me.

    1. Yes! That’s the way to downsize! We downsized a few years ago to our little bungalow…but since moving have collected a lot more again. It’s hard to keep it streamlined sometimes!

  2. SO delightful! 🙂 My favourite little touch is the straw bale book end. Thanks for helping me get my white pumpkin fix this year since I’ve been using all orange so far!

    1. Thank you, Courtenay! Lol. Yes…the plan with the shelves is that they’ll be full of books…and that the actual shelf brackets will hold up the books. But, since the shelves aren’t full yet, I need bookends of all types!

  3. I love how Jackson blends right in, what a cute look on his face as he wonders what Mommy is up to? 🙂 Thank you so much for organizing this wonderful tour, I adore seeing what all of the extremely talented Canadian ladies are up to every season! I LOVE your dried hydrangea, that yummy colour – I’ve never heard of that variety before, I’ll have to put that on my garden list! Happy Fall xo

    1. Lol. Yup. He naps a LOT, but he blends right in and is always following me around. And yes, when they’re in full bloom those hydrangeas are the most lovely shade of pink!

  4. I’m impressed that your fall decor items are well organized and into totes! I have my Christmas stuff (mostly) packed, with a few strays that I found after Christmas still left out. But the fall stuff…oops. You’ve created such a pretty, gentle, warm fall look in your living room and kitchen. It looks so calm and inviting!

  5. Beautiful, Shannon! And as much as it’s impossible for me to decorate without colour, I absolutely love your neutral decor!

  6. I really enjoy your beautiful and functional home… the fall touches you splashed throughout are just lovely. I really like the new bookshelves! They will be fun to style, and fill with books. Thanks for all of your work to put this tour together. xo

  7. Your fall touches seem to be right at home! They fit with the rest of your decor so perfectly, I’d love to see it in person! Thanks again for another great tour, and for including me.