A tried and true trick to refreshing your home is to make simple changes. Here’s how to shop the house to save money on decorating!

Sometimes a little decor refresh is desired in one (or maybe two?) rooms in your house. You know, just to freshen things up. But often you don’t want to spend more money on decor items, right? Well that’s when you can employ a little trick called “shop the house”.

How to Shop the House to Save Money on Decorating

The concept of shopping the house is simple enough, of course. You simply wander your house – or your storage room/closet – and pull decor items from different rooms to use in another room. But how do you do that without making a giant mess?

1. Switch big things first. 

If you’re feeling the itch to switch things up, take stock of your main rooms and the big pieces in them. Can you move a loveseat or couch to the dining room for comfortable seating at the table? Or maybe a dining room chair can spend some time in the bathroom? If you swap the large items first, you will get a better feel for the spaces as you go. 

white sectional ikea

2. Create moments or cozy corners.

Think of the activities you do in each space. Do you read to your small children in the living room? Well, can you create a reading nook by placing a small bookshelf and chair next to each other with a floor lamp? How about a coffee corner in the kitchen with all the necessities to have a morning cuppa? Or can you carve out space to store your craft supplies in the dining room cabinet, since the table is where you craft anyway? By creating these little moments in your home, you make things more deliberate and more cozy. 

3. Accessorize with pretty utilitarian pieces.

I don’t know about you, but I often forget about pieces that are tucked into cupboards and shelves. Like that pretty vase or lovely bowl that were gifts. Pull them out for display on a shelf or as part of a vignette on a table top. 

4. Separate the matchy-matchy sets.

Did you buy the matching sofa and loveseat from the big box store? Or maybe the full bedroom set with matching bed, dresser and nightstands. Try a new look by breaking up the sets. Put the couch in the living room, but the loveseat in the family room or at the end of your bed. Move the nightstands to the guest room, and try something else paired with your bed and dresser.

5. Move the art.

Either move the art to another space altogether or just change up where it is in the existing room. Swap out frames and family photos. Or change the posters to another room. All of this becomes easier if you’ve got a whole home color scheme in place! 

black and white family photo wall

You could also swap out slipcovers on the sofa, if you’ve got more than one. I love our Ikea Ektorp for this, because even with additional slipcovers, it still costs less than other sectionals! 

More Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips

Do you ever shop your house? What’s your favorite thing to swap out?

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