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In this post: Remember the real reason for the Holiday season with this scripture advent calendar that you can print and hang yourself at home!

Would you believe that as much as I adore this season, our family has never fully embraced the Advent calendar tradition? 

I mean, I get it

Advent calendars are a way to celebrate the days leading up to Christmas. 

But I don’t get all the candy and chocolate and (much like a lot of celebrations) the commercialized versions of Advent.

This year I was inspired to find our own way of utilizing this countdown – and helping all of the people (kids and adults alike) in our household to remember the real meaning of Christmas.

So instead of things to do or candy, our Advent calendar is filled with words from Scripture. 

free printable scripture advent calendar

FREE Printable Advent Calendar

This advent calendar is easy to make with just a few common or easy to find crafting supplies (I’ve even linked them all below to Amazon). Even if you start late in the Advent season, you can still enjoy this new family tradition. 

Scripture Advent Calendar Printable Img


In order to make your advent calendar like ours, here’s what you’ll need. 


1. To print and use the advent tags, simply download each set of numbers and scriptures from the links above.

2. Then print, SINGLE SIDED and cut out. 

3. Attach 5 lengths of baker’s twine onto the vertical cork board with thumbtacks. 

4. Match each number tag to its corresponding scripture and hang together on the bakers twine with mini clothespins. 

Printable Scripture Advent Calendar


Do NOT print these double-sided as they do not line up. Due to the different nature and capabilities of each printer – with no way for me to tell how yours will work – double-sided printing will not work. 

Other Advent Calendar Ideas

If you like this advent calendar, check out our Paper Bag Advent Calendar here and our Family Holiday Advent Calendar Activity Cards (free printable) here. 

Is your family big on Advent? In the true sense of Advent (starting on the right day and everything) or more loosely (starting on December 1st)? What does your Advent calendar look like?

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  1. Thank you so much for this! It is perfect! Something I can use year after year!

    I never did the candy and chocolates advent calendars but I had pictures behind the flaps growing up..I loved them! I can never find them anymore though because we always have to “get something” for doing the simplest things…it’s ridiculous!

  2. This is just beautiful, visually and spiritually! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful idea!

  3. Your Advent Calendar looks beautiful! I had big plans to make one this year, and never got around to doing it 🙁 It’s never too early to start planning one for next year though 😉

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this printable! My mom’s group is having an advent craft night and I think we are going to make your wonderful calendar! I have a few questions… What type of paper and glue did you use to affix the verses to the dates so it didn’t wrinkle? What size cork board or frame fit well for the tags? Where did you find/order the darling tiny clips? Thank you!! I am excited for Christmas already!!

  5. I think this is a perfect idea to share with our Sunday school families. Obviously no money is involved, but as you are very clear that you intend it for personal use only, I am asking for permission to share with other families.

  6. And another thought – I’d love to add tags for the Christmas season, to help remember that the celebration only begins on the 25th!

    1. When I printed them out, however, I noticed that the numbers don’t quite link right. The front is labeled 1,2,3,etc but when I print on the reverse day 1 is paired with verse 3, 2 is paired with 2 and day 3 is paired with verse 1. I think the numbering on the verses need to be changed to 3,2,1 so they match OR erase the numbers associated with the verses (then there is NO thinking needed). I hope this makes sense! We LOVE them and we hope our church Sunday School families will download them too! I agree that it would be nice to extend them to include the Christmas season to Epiphany. Maybe that is the next project… Christmas Calendar!!! Thanks for your ministry!!

  7. A year later and I just found this! I wanted a Scripture list to use for my chalkboard advent door. This was so helpful!!!

  8. Thank you for these! We are making the calendars together at my mom’s group at church this week. If it helps anyone else, we are using cardboard that is 16×26. This is a snug fit. If size isn’t an issue, 17 or 18×26 would be a bit roomier. The butcher paper we are wrapping the cardboard in is only 17in wide, so wet had to cut the cardboard to fit.

  9. I actually wanted to make my own advent calendar but have had trouble finding scripture. I love the first 6 you have. Where did you get those? Also I don’t have time to get paper and a printer… thanks for your help!

    1. I read the first 6 scriptures on the preview picture. I have been scouring for 25 scriptures to write out for my children on our advent calendar and hoped I could just use the same scriptures as you. Thats all. Did you pick them out of something else you had found and liked?

  10. Thank you so much for creating these so I didn’t have to! I have prayed to God in thanksgiving to you and pray that you have a blessed Advent and Christmas season!

  11. the tags need to be in a sense, backwards, so that i can print double sided…i can just put the verses back into the printer and then print the other side, but since you have the file, the numbers are on the same side, so if i print double sided it won’t line up. can you make a file where you can print double sided?

    1. Hi there. Actually the tags shouldn’t be printed double sided. Since all printers are so different, even if I edited the PDF, it may work on one printer and not the other. So, to make sure the advent tags work for everyone, the directions are to print them single sided and then just clip the two parts (the number and the scripture) together for each day. Does that help clarify?

  12. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong but I have put my email in multiple times, declined the special offer on the next page and still can’t access the “free” advent tags. What am I doing wrong! Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Michelle,

      You need to click on the link in the email titled “Important: confirm your subscription” to confirm your email subscription. Once you do that you’ll get an email with the link and the password to the free vault with all our free goodies, including the advent tags!

      xo, Shannon

    1. Hi there. You need to subscribe to our free emails in order to get access. You can sign up in the post above where it says “75+ FREE PRINTABLES!” Then you’ll get an email to confirm with the link to our free printable library. 🙂