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Remember the real reason for the Holiday season with this scripture advent calendar that you can print and hang yourself at home!

Would you believe that as much as I adore this season, our family has never fully embraced the Advent calendar tradition? I mean, I get itAdvent calendars are a way to celebrate the days leading up to Christmas. But I don’t get all the candy and chocolate and (much like a lot of celebrations) the commercialized versions of Advent. This year I was inspired to find our own way of utilizing this countdown – and helping all of the people (kids and adults alike) in our household to remember the real meaning of Christmas. So instead of things to do or candy, our Advent calendar is filled with words from Scripture. 

free printable scripture advent calendar

FREE Printable Advent Calendar

This advent calendar is easy to make with just a few common or easy to find crafting supplies (I’ve even linked them all below to Amazon). Even if you start late in the Advent season, you can still enjoy this new family tradition. 

Scripture Advent Calendar Printable Img


In order to make your advent calendar like ours, here’s what you’ll need. 

Download the Scripture Advent Calendar Tags for free when you sign up for our free printable resource library!


1. To print and use the advent tags, simply download each set of numbers and scriptures from the links above.

2. Then print, SINGLE SIDED and cut out. 

3. Attach 5 lengths of baker’s twine onto the vertical cork board with thumbtacks. 

4. Match each number tag to its corresponding scripture and hang together on the bakers twine with mini clothespins. 

Printable Scripture Advent Calendar

NOTE: Do NOT print these double sided as they do not line up. Due to the different nature and capabilities of each printer – with no way for me to tell how yours will work – double sided printing will not work. 

Other Advent Calendar Ideas

If you like this advent calendar, check out our Paper Bag Advent Calendar here and our Family Holiday Advent Calendar Activity Cards (free printable) here. 

Is your family big on Advent? In the true sense of Advent (starting on the right day and everything) or more loosely (starting on December 1st)? What does your Advent calendar look like?

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