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Quick and Cheap DIY Scrap Wood Sailboats

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 DIY these quick and cheap scrap wood sailboats made from two pieces of scrap wood, dowels and scrap fabric!

Have you ever been decorating and knew you needed to fill a spot, but didn’t have that right something to fill it with? Well sometimes that necessity leads to something good. Today I want to show you the scrap wood decorative sailboats I made at the last minute to fill an empty spot on the mantel. The best part is there are no power tools needed and the whole project only takes about 10 minutes!

DIY wood sailboats on shelf with lantern, fishing net, rope, etc as decor

Scrap Wood Sailboats

DIY wood sailboats as decor on coffee table



1. Select an off-cut piece of scrap wood. Mine were 2″x6″x6″ for the larger sailboat and 2″x6″x2″ for the smaller sailboat. Sand the edges if necessary.

2. Using the hammer and nail, make a small hole in the top of the wood where you’d like to place the mast (skewer or dowel). By all means, feel free to use a drill. Grabbing a random nail and the hammer was so much quicker for me than getting out the drill and correct drill bit!

3. Cut skewer or dowel to desired size (about 12″ long) using scissors or craft knife. Hot glue one end into the hole from step 2.

4. Cut two triangles of scrap fabric for each sailboat to make sails. I used pinking shears. One triangle should be a little smaller than the other. There is no magic size, just make triangles that fits your mast.

5. Run a bead of hot glue down the dowel on each side and attach fabric triangle sails (see photo below for detail of sails).

6. Cut a triangle or pennant shape from blue fabric for each sailboat and attach to top of mast using glue gun.

DIY wood sailboats as decor on coffee table

And you’re done. It’s as easy as that!

DIY wood sailboats on shelf with lantern, fishing net, rope, etc as decor

Now go whip up some of your own scrap wood sailboats to add a little summer to your house!


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