Love the look of those old glass door knobs, but want them in your newer home? Schlage’s new Custom™ door knobs have got you covered! 

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I don’t know about you, but I adore the look of old glass door knobs. They just have so much style and character. But I’m also a bit of a weirdo and like new things better than most old things. When Schlage told me about their new Custom™ line of door knobs, and I saw them, I was smitten! 

Schlage Custom Door Knobs pin

The Story of a House We Fell in Love With

Let me explain a little bit. Smitten is a strong word after all. 

Before we bought our current house, Dean and I toured several houses. We thought we wanted a century home filled with 100 year old character. We wanted the wide plank hardwood floors and tall baseboards and big banisters.

But what we didn’t count on were the basements! They were awful! Dark and damp and full of cobwebs. NOT at all something we’d thought of. 

Then we found this gorgeous century home that had been moved to a new lot with a NEW basement. Everything original had been restored and made beautiful. But the basement was brand spanking new. It was in that house that I realized that I love the LOOK of old farmhouses, but I’m a bit too much of a wimp to actually live in one. 

Schlage Custom Door Knob

What does that have to do with door knobs?

I feel kind of the same about door knobs as I do about old houses. I LOVE how they look. But I’d like newer ones with clean glass (you know what I mean), and BLACK hardware. Door knobs that look like they could fit into an old, character-filled house. But that function like brand new ones. 

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new knob on hall closet door

Why I LOVE the new Schlage Custom™ Door Hardware Line

If you’ve been around here long, you know we’re sort of die hard Schlage fans. We have Schlage locks and knobs on our front doors and on our garage door too. We kind of just love them. 🙂

I have to say that I adore the new Schlage Custom™ Door Hardware Line mostly for how they look. And my favorite knob is definitely the Custom Alexandria Knob with Matte Black Camelot Trim (the Camelot trim is what we have on our other Schlage knobs and handles). 

Part of the reason I love the way they look is the concealed screws. Plus the glass knob is just gorgeous and feels so substantial in my hand. 

Schlage Custom Alexandria Camelot Matte Black Door Knob

I also adore not having to figure out how many of each kind to order. You know, how many that lock, how many that don’t, etc. I just had to order a total number and then Dean made the ones lock that needed to. That’s because hall/closet is default function. For bed/bath, Dean just inserted the locking pin into interior side of lock and rotated clockwise. Then to lock, push in locking pin; to unlock, turn interior knob/lever. Super easy! (Also my favorite!)

How to Save Money When Replacing Your Door Knobs

So, I’m sure, like me, you’re wondering how to replace your home’s door knobs without breaking the bank. Well, here are a few ideas for not having to replace all of them at once, therefore saving your bank account.

  • Replace knobs on one floor at at time. Start with your main floor, where visitors see. Or maybe you want to make the upstairs prettier first. In either case, just replace one level’s door knobs at a time. 
  • Replace only certain door knobs initially. Doors like powder rooms and bathrooms. Or even just the laundry or panty. Or maybe even just the master bedroom, closet and ensuite. You choose where the extra pretty knobs go!

Just remember to switch to a color that you’re going to want for a long time and then go room by room or floor by floor. When we first moved to this house, we swapped out the old faded brass look knobs to the most economical black ones we could find. We replaced all the hinges to match too. I’ve loved black knobs and handles for several years and know I will for many more – regardless of what any trends say. 

We didn’t switch all our knobs to the new Schlage Custom™ Door Hardware Line. We only switched the knobs on the main floor. By having a black base, they still coordinate with the rest of the house, but the main floor now has that special extra pretty touch. I even got an extra for when I finally find that antique door I’ve been hunting for for our laundry room!

basement door with new Schlage Custom Hardware knob

What do you think of the new Schlage Custom™ Door Hardware Line?

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  1. Love the door knob! Reminds me of back in the good old days in those old houses! We actually lived in one over a 100 years old now but my parents sold it! It was on my mother’s side of the family!