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16 Rustic Ornaments to Trim Your Tree with This Year!

In this post: Each year, I like to add a few new ornaments to our main Christmas tree. The last few years those have been rustic ornaments, like these 16 I think you’ll love for your own tree! 

After you’ve been celebrating Christmas for any length of time, you tend to amass a hefty collection of Christmas ornaments. I know over time, we’ve collected a lot. I even purged an entire Rubbermaid tote of ornaments last year! Everything from kid-made ornaments, to “baby’s first Christmas” to those weird little pickle ornaments. But if you like a coordinated tree, like I do, you may want to choose a few of these rustic ornaments to add to your collection. 

16 Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Why Rustic Ornaments?

In case you’re wondering why I like rustic ornaments, it’s because they actually work with several decor styles:

  • farmhouse
  • shabby chic (sometimes)
  • log cabin
  • country
  • rustic (of course!)

Rustic Christmas decor, especially ornaments tend to be fairly neutral in color, which help to make them mix well. But they’re oh-so rich in texture – think wood, jute, fur, wool, etc. – which all add that all-important cozy factor to your holiday decor. 

16 Rustic Ornaments to Trim Your Tree with This Year!

If you’re looking for a few ornaments to add to your collection this season, check out these options. I think you’ll love them as much as I do!

16 Rustic Ornaments to Trim Your Tree with This Year!

If you like these ornaments, and you have a little time to make your own, you may like some of our DIY ornaments too!

16 Rustic Christmas Ornaments

For more Rustic Christmas Decor Ideas and Finds, visit this post. 

Did you see any rustic ornaments you might like to add to your collection?

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